6th Games Restricted From iOS That You Can Play on Android or maybe the Web

If you bought the Humble Pack for Google android #2, you already very own Smuggle Pickup truck (and Snuggle Truck) and may download this from your Simple Bundle web page or the Simple Bundle Google android app.

Sweatshop HD has not yet been ported to Android – no surprise, while it’s being rejected from Apple’s app store is rather recent. Nevertheless , you can perform Sweatshop in its original Adobe flash form in a web browser. You may even be able to perform it in the browser in Android units with Thumb.

Phone Narrative is a satirical game that explores the total story of your smartphones — not just apple iphones, but Android os phones and everything else. The sport tells the participant about many of these issues, right from precious metals simply being mined by simply enslaved kids in the Congo and the Foxconn suicides to planned obsolescence and the concerns of polluting of the environment due to electronic digital waste. The sport is brief and its mini-games are simple and crude, nevertheless the juxtaposition of significant issues and dead-simple smartphone-style game technicians can be seen to be a satire at the silly and trivial situations we apply our cell phones for, even though their enormous hidden costs.

iOS differs from the others from Android os in that Apple has a negativa over what can be operated with their units. A game stopped from the app-store can’t be mounted at all while not jailbreaking, even though a game stopped from Yahoo Play could possibly be installed by using sideloading. In addition, jailbreaking a great iPad is viewed a crime in the usa under the DMCA.

Apple ?uvre games that deal with critical issues from the app store. Some of the high-profile stopped games have found Android plus the web, to help you play these people yourself to watch what all the fuss is about.

Endgame: Syria is mostly a so-called “newsgame, ” which will attempts to learn current happenings through video game mechanics. Endgame: Syria take those form of a trading greeting card game taking a look at the disagreement in Syria. The game is normally divided into politics and armed service phases that explore the political and military facets of the turmoil. It’s not really perfect, yet it’s a fascinating attempt at turning the news in to an online game that may reach people the news didn’t reach or else.

Play this on the web.


Apple is okay with online games containing visual violence and gore, yet one thing they won’t tolerate is definitely games that explore severe sociopolitical problems. “Write a book, ” Apple tells game developers who wish to explore these issues.

In a Long term Save Express is a surreal and cast off game referred to as being “about the group afterlives of seven overworked laborers who have committed suicide in the Foxconn camp, commissioned by Apple. ” Is actually one game designers’ response to the Foxconn suicides as well as the conditions the folks assembling not simply iPhones, nonetheless most other technology we all apply. The game sticks out visually having its hand-drawn graphic style.

Smuggle Truck is normally an over-the-top driving video game where your responsible for smuggling your voyagers across the ALL OF US border even though dealing with high physics that cause them to fly on an airline out of your truck. The overall game is questionable and is viewed as offensive by many, but the developer’s website says the game is known as a commentary in the difficulty of immigrating towards the US legitimately:

OnLive is available just for Android online Play as well as for Windows Personal computers, Macs, and other devices by way of its internet site.

The application store’s recommendations state that “We view applications different than ebooks or tracks, which we do not curate. If you would like to criticize a religion, set a book. inch

“As all of us lived through a painful a year of our friend struggling through the absurd legal minefield that surrounds U. S. immigration, we felt that we should create a game that touches on the issue. The comment was thrown around that ‘ it’s so tough to legally immigrate to the U. S., it’s almost easier to smuggle yourself over the border’, and thus Smuggle Truck was born. ”

Play a demo on the web or download it from Google Play.


After its rejection from the app store, the game was submitted as “Snuggle Truck, ” which replaces your passengers with cuddly teddy bears – something that can be seen as a shot at Apple’s policies.


OnLive isn’t a game in and of alone, but its cloud-gaming app has got apparently recently been sitting in a “waiting just for approval” point out for over 12 months now. If you need to use a cloud-gaming service, you will have to use a COMPUTER, Android tablet, or another unit – Apple won’t agree to it so that you couldn’t employ OnLive on your own iPad in the event you wanted to.


Download this from Yahoo Play.


Submitted to Apple’s app-store as Sweatshop HD, Sweatshop is a tower system defense-like technique game that sees you running a sweatshop. In spite of their cartoon images, the game is intended to be a significant, thought-provoking video game about sweatshops and making in general. You could have the ability to work with child employees and minimize corners just to save cash, or perhaps you can work with more highly-skilled workers and then try to eliminate problems in your office at the expense of your income. The game’s mechanics generate the hot seats and allow one to explore the outcomes of your selections, offering a new perspective on the issue of sweatshops.


Play it on the web or download it from Google Play.

Play it on the web or download it from Google Play.

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