Add " My Dropbox" to Your Windows 7 Start Menu

To begin with, head into the Customize Start off Menu -panel by right-clicking on the start off menu and using Real estate, then make certain Recorded TV SET is set to “Display as being a link”.

My oh my, and you’ll quite possibly want to make certain to set “Optimize this archives for” to “General Items”.

Sure, I know, it could totally a hack. Although it’s a very beneficial one! As well, if you usually are already employing Dropbox, you must really verify it out GB at no cost, accessible with the web out of anywhere, and you could sync to multiple personal computers.

At this point, you may just click in the Dropbox, and you will probably see, very well, Your Dropbox! (no amaze there).


Over only at How-To Nerd, we’re big fans of Dropbox, the amazingly quickly online record sync software program, but there was be also happier whenever we could natively add that to the Windows 7 Start off Menu, in which it is supposed to be. And today, this is what most of us do.

Subsequent, right-click about Recorded TV SET, choose Rename, and then swap it to something more important like My own Dropbox.


At this time you’ll want to right-click about that press button again, and choose Real estate, where you will see the Archives locations inside the list… the typical idea is the fact you want to take away Recorded TV SET, and then put your Dropbox folder.

Yes, that’s right. You’ll be able to it for the Start Menu… using a absurd hack for the Libraries characteristic and renaming the Saved TV archives to a different name. It’s not just a perfect remedy, but you can access your Dropbox folder by doing this and it just seems to belong there.




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