Alter or Reset Windows Security password from a Ubuntu Live CD


chntpw is currently installed! You are able to close Synaptic Package Supervisor. Skip towards the section entitled Using chntpw to reset your security password .

important enter after each lines. You should discover one or more strings of textual content appear; among those strings ought to correspond together with the string that appeared in the title standard of the data file browser previous.

The program that lets us shape Windows accounts is called chntpw . Things to install that are different in 32-bit and 64-bit variants of Ubuntu.

chntpw will now always be installed.


The correct storage device will have the WINDOWS file in that. When you find that, make a note of the drive designate that looks in the menu bar within the file web browser.

cd < hard drive label>


In order to that submission site by putting out the get

In the critical window, your commands

To switch or totally reset the formynder password, type in:




Considering that the hard drive designate will be very troublesome to type, you can use a shortcut by simply typing inside the first few emails or amounts of the travel label (capitalization matters) and pressing the Tab key. It will quickly complete other string (if those starting letters or numbers will be unique).


Take note: If you have documents on your hard drive encrypted applying built-in Windows encryption, they may not be available after changing the Windows security password using this method. Workout caution for those who have important encrypted files.


Came from here, you can the actual same techniques as prior to: enter to reset the password to blank, or to change this to a worth you give.

Youl need a Ubuntu being unfaithful. 10 Live CD, or possibly a bootable Ubuntu 9. 10 Flash Drive. If you don have one, and have forgotten tips on how to boot from your flash drive, check out each of our article in creating a bootable Ubuntu on the lookout for. 10 thumb drive.

chntpw won actually be mounted until you apply the alterations youe built, so click the Apply key in the Synaptic window at this point.

If you would like to alter the security password instead, enter in then your preferred password, and ultimately to confirm.


The application lists will be downloaded.

All of the changes should be used quickly. Once theye carried out, click Close.

The type of chntpw available in Ubuntu universe repository will not job properly on the 64-bit machine. Fortunately, a patched type exists in Debian Volatile branch, thus let download it following that and set it up manually.

chntpw is found in the galaxy repository. Repositories are a way designed for Ubuntu to group application together to ensure that users have the ability to choose if perhaps they want to only use completely open source software maintained simply by Ubuntu coders, or part out and use program with different permits and maintainers.

Employing chntpw to reset the password

Assembly: 64-bit






When you don have already got one start, start a critical window by simply going to Applications > Accents > Critical.


Click the checkbox near to the chntpw term. Click on Spot for Assembly.

cd For downloading
sudo dpkg chntpw*

But not especially works for all of you NT-based rendition of Windows nearly anything from Windows 2000 sometime later it was, basically. And yes, that features Windows 7.



Once downloaded, Synaptic need to rebuild it is search index. The label in the text discipline by the Search button should read ebuilding search index. Given it reads uick search, type chntpw in the text message field. The package displays up in record.

sudo chntpw < username> SAM


In the terminal home window, enter the subsequent text, striking enter after each set:

If it is not really obvious, then simply click on Pc and check out every hard drive till you find the best one.

Navigate to and download the most recent version of chntpw for 64-bit machines.



chntpw is a very useful utility provided for free by the open source community. It may make you think twice about how secure the Windows login system is, but knowing how to use chntpw can save your tail if your memory fails you two or eight times!

When you change the repositories you will be selecting application from, you must reload record of available application. In the main Synaptic window, click the Reload key.

SAM is definitely the file made up of your Windows registry. You will notice some textual content appear, together with a list of all the users on your own system.


At the bottom of this terminal home window, you should get a prompt that begins with ser Modify Menu: and offers 4 choices. All of us recommend that you clear the password to blank (you actually can often set a brand new password in Windows when you record in). To achieve this, enter then to verify.

If you would like to reset or perhaps change the pass word of a customer other than the administrator, enter into:


In the event you can sign in even following trying the twelve account details, or youe inherited your computer complete with password-protected profiles, be anxious not you don have to do a brand new install of Windows. Wel show you the right way to change or perhaps reset the Windows pass word from a Ubuntu Live CD.


Be aware: In most cases it will be best to put the Debian Unstable department to a deal manager, nevertheless since the Live CD environment will go back to their original point out once you reboot, itl be faster to just download the. deb file.

sudo chntpw SAM

Again, you can use tab-completion to speed up entering this command.

We want to switch to a certain Windows directory. Enter the command:

cd /media

You will be prompted to accept the changes. Click Apply.

Open Firefox. Whether it your preferred browser or not, it very readily accessible in the Ubuntu Live CD environment, so it will be the easiest to use. There a shortcut to Firefox in the top panel.

Installation: 32-bit

Open up Synaptic Package Manager by clicking on System at the top of the screen, expanding the Supervision section, and clicking on Synaptic Package Manager.

And that it!


Save the. deb file to the default location.

cd WINDOWS/system32/config/

Add a checkmark beside the box labeled ommunity-maintained Open Source software (universe) and then click close.

Before running chntpw , you will have to attach the hard drive that contains your Windows installation. In most cases, Ubuntu 9. 10 makes this simple.

Click on Places at the top-left of the screen. If your Windows drive is easily identifiable usually by its size then left click on it.

To enable software from the universe repository, click on Settings > Repositories in the Synaptic window.


Bottom line


You can close Firefox if desired. Open a terminal window by clicking on Applications at the top-left of the screen, expanding the Accessories folder, and simply clicking Terminal.

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