Arrangement Email Notices for Dell Server Equipment Alerts

After script is run:

blat -install my. mailserver. com fromaddress@email. com

The event triggers in the script above were obtained by running the following from a command prompt:

The script is very simple. There is a setup command which sets each alert to xecute application with the application being the script itself. When the script runs, it simply generates an email (by using the the Blat tool) with the computer name, date, time and alert triggered.

Replace the mail server and from email address appropriately. For the most part this command is all you need to run, but if your server has a special configuration (alternate port, etc . ), you can see the full install options on Blat website.


This command lists all event keywords with a description of the respective alert. To add additional alerts, run the command above and add the missing entries to the setup portion of the script and then rerun the script with the /Setup switch.

Confirm you want to use this software as your aware action and then you¡¯re all set. Included in the setup, an example alert can be triggered so that you can make sure the e-mails are achieving the intended receivers.

To setup the Server Associate alerts to work with the software, just work the launched:

All signals use the email notification software:

omconfig program alertaction as well as?

Of course , you will have to have Dell OpenManage Storage space Assistant set up. This application, if not really provided with your body, is down-loadable through Dell support internet site.

Download Dell Server Email Alert Software from SysadminGeek. com

In addition , you will need to currently have Blat, a command tier emailer, designed on your program. To set up Blat, only download the binary data files and remove them (3 total: blat. exe, blat. dll, blat. lib) into a location inside your system JOURNEY variable, including your Windowssystem32 folder. Then simply from the demand line, work:

Once you have these types of requirements in position, you are ready to work with the software. Edit the script to add the email address(es) to inform (the oEmail variable). If the server needs authentication to relay, you must add these types of parameters towards the Blat demand as written about in the software.


Down load Blat Demand Line Emailer

DellAlert /setup


The wedding alerts from the provided script are from one of our Dell servers. Depending on your Dell server hardware and Server Assistant version, the alerts may vary. Generally, you can tell when you run the setup script if an event is not valid for your server (for example, if you don have Dell RAID controllers) as some of the storage event creation items will fail.

All Dell servers come with the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator software which has the ability to monitor and display system level indicators. Additionally , through the Alert Management tab you can configure actions to execute whenever an alert is triggered. Unfortunately there is no vehicle for applying uniform notifications to all events, so we are going to provide a script which configures all the alert actions to send an email notifying you of the respective event. While you could set these up manually, getting a script is advisable as you can quickly deploy this kind of across multiple servers.

Dell Support Internet site

Before software is work:

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