Create Anti-Brick Safeguard to Safeguard and Supercharge The Wii

For this short training you will need our next things:

A chance to return to the Homebrew Funnel, if youe not previously there. Choose Priiloader 236. When the Priiloader runs there is also a high likelihood youl have a few red lines of error code in the process:



To begin with, we need to mount IOS36. Check out it to begin with the assembly process. It totally computerized and will mount IOS36 and return to the Homebrew Funnel menu.

Start into the Homemade Channel. When you followed the instructions inside the hat You Need section, your Homemade menu should certainly look like this kind of (you could already have different homebrew mounted, so don worry any time these several items are within a different buy or separated across two pages).


Don freak out, we won be opening your Xbox with a electric screwdriver. The photography above is merely to give you a tangible access of what wee performing when we regress to something easier the NAND. Deep in the swirly whirly forest of capacitors, poker chips, and remnants seen in the photo over are numerous flash ram modules (NANDs) that contain essential software. Whenever we back up the NAND we have become copy the contents these important poker chips and protecting a copy we are able to use to rebuild the machine in the future should anything at all bad happen.

Wee shown you how to crack your Nintendo wii for self-made software, emulators, and DIGITAL VIDEO DISC playback, at this point it a chance to safeguard the Wii against bricking and fix a lot of annoyancesike that stupid ress A well-being screen.

When youe empowered the adjustments you prefer, save these people and reboot your Xbox. At this point, specifically if you have other folks using the Xbox, you may want to engage the software we employed outside of the Homebrew Iphone app folder into a backup file on the Facts in order to keep kids or derpy roommates via mucking regarding in your Nintendo wii.

Here you are able to backup and restore the NAND on your SD card. A NAND back-up is typically 500-600MB in size if you didn attention our help and advice earlier to utilize a 1GB or perhaps larger credit card now is the time to seize a bigger Sdcard. Select the initially icon, along with the green arrow, and press A. The BootMii Back-up tool is going to load, press A once again to confirm you need to backup the NAND. The screen should look something like this:

At this point in the tutorial wee backed up the NAND, activated the Trucha Bug (which wel need for the next step), and installed updated IOS files which will make future Homebrew and modding adventures a breeze.


By default everything is disabled, we recommend you toggle on uto-Press A at Health Screen (because pressing A every really time the Wii begins is extremely annoying), lock Dvd Updates and lock On line Updates (because you didn do this work only to have Manufacturers undo it) and egion Free EVERYTHING (because someday somebody may well bring the Euro version of Hello Cat Adventure Area Party Town 5 to your residence and youl want to experience it). If you need to read more regarding the additional options and see whether you should allow them or perhaps not, have a look at full records for Priiloader here.


When you have older WADS from other jobs in your /WAD/ folder , use the Multi-Mod Manager to selectively set up the WAD files.

At that point wee should retain the GameCube controller. ( Note: If youe ever in a bind without a GameCube controller you can get around the BootMii with the Wii Power and Reset button. It awkward, but it works if youe desperate. ) Plug in the controller and use the directional pad to navigate over to the last icon, the two gears. Press A. You should see the following screen:

To backup the Wii NAND wel be using the BootMii application. If you do not already have the BootMii application installed you need to repeat the steps in our softmod guide (or whatever softmod tutorial you used) in order to call up the HackMii installer once again.

Once youe secured the files in some fashion the backup process is total. In the future should your exploits in homebrew software and Wii modding lead you down the road to brickdom, all youl need to do is use BootMii to reverse the process and reinstall your working NAND backup.

When you attend install BootMii you have two options. You are able to install BootMii as Boot2 or a great IOS. Should your Wii will assist you to, installing this at Boot2 is ideal as it provides BootMii a deeper control of the Nintendo wii which makes restoration easier in the case of a packet. Wii equipment manufactured just before 2008 should not have any problem setting up BootMii inside the Boot2 slot machine game, newer Nintendo wii units may be forced to install as an IOS. Don be discouraged if you have to install as an IOS, wel still be able to backup and bring back your Wii.





Use the GameCube controller to navigate down to System Menu Hacks. Press A. Inside the System Menu Hacks youl see a screen that appears like this, minus our highlighting of course:


If your /WAD/ folder is vacant , preserve for the WAD data files we removed at the beginning of this kind of tutorial, find the YAWM Multimod batch. It can automatically mount all the WAD files inside the /WAD/ website directory and then come back to the Homemade Channel menu.

For each of our next step, you may choose one of two alternatives depending on if you already have further WAD data files in your /WAD/ directory.

The one thing about system modding and jailbreakingave to get the rare company like Amazon that doesn seem to cares companies will play a game title of feline and mouse to try and knock modded system out of commission, undo your wonderful mods, and even brick your device. Though extreme decisions like bricktacular-updates are exceptional once you modify the device you must be vigilant in protecting that against posts that could injured your great setup. Today wee gonna walk you through hardening the Wii and giving it the very best brick cover available.

The Priiloader and BootMii are very similar applications good results . significant variances under the bonnet. Both stream when the Xbox starts, nonetheless where as BootMii is limited to backing up the NAND and functioning to be a basic launcher, Priiloader was designed to alter what are the results on your Xbox. By packing before anything else the Priiloader enables you to change program wide adjustments on the Nintendo wii, turn off improvements, and or else streamline and protect your Wii.

Add the Sdcard in your pc and duplicate the important factors. bin as well as the nand. rubbish bin filesacking all of them up to a CD-R wouldn be considered a bad idea. You can also leave a copy for the SD card meant for safe keeping, just change the . bin expansion to . bak .

Your freshly tweaked Wii now has the best packet protection obtainable. In the uncommon case which you do brick your console which includes aggressive modding, youe received a back-up NAND readily available to restore this. Happy modding!


In case you don desire that to occur (if you could have kids or roommates by way of example you don want messing around with a effective tool like BootMii) you are able to, once youe done with this tutorial, rename the /BootMii/ folder for the root of your SD card to something like /BootMii-Disabled/ . Rename it later on if you need to make use of BootMii once again.

Ignore these kinds of errors, all kinds of things installed excellent and youe ready to search into the Priiloader settings.



If you see the actory bad block message at the time you return, don panic. It common to there for being bad hinders in the NAND. A NAND backup having a back prohibit error works perfectly fine to get a restoration down the line. When the back-up is finish, exit BootMii.


Early versions with the Wii OPERATING SYSTEM had a annoy, known as the Trucha Bug, which usually allowed for the running of unsigned code. Nintendo features long seeing that patched the bug yet that didn slow down the self-made community. Wee going to repair the annoy in order to grow the power of your Wii as well as the range of self-made software it may run.

Click the aunch BootMii icon to load the BootMii termes conseill¨¦s. Whether you rebooted or perhaps went through the Homebrew Funnel, you should begin to see the following with your screen:

At that time youl wish to consider the Facts and replicate the NAND backup data to a secure location.


If you already softmodded your Xbox you should have most of these things with you already, which include an Facts in the Xbox with the Homemade Channel and accompanying /apps/ folder set up. Download the zip data file above and extract that to the reason behind your Facts. The data will instantly extract towards the correct sites.



Turn your Wii off. Hold over the reset key, while the Nintendo wii is off, and after that press the strength button. Your Wii is going to boot nevertheless instead of taking you to the Nintendo wii Menu itl take you to the white colored Priiloader menu seen at the start of this section.

If perhaps youe selectively installing the WAD documents select the WAD menu by Multi-Mod Supervisor and utilize + key on your Wiimote to select all of the cIOS data and the IOS80 WAD data. Press A to large install these people. Exit back in the Homemade Channel.

The time has come to go surf How-To Geek front site, get a food, or otherwise wipe out some time. The backup may well not take permanently but it absolutely feels because of this, it just like watching a tough drive defrag. Come back in 20 a few minutes and review it when it saved and validated the NAND.

If you set up BootMii being a IOS, only exit the HackMii installation technician and go back to the Self-made Channel.

After the installation can be complete, go back to the main menu of the HackMii and reboot your Nintendo wii. If you were fortunate enough to have a Nintendo wii which brought about Boot2 unit installation you can simply reboot your Wii at this pointrom now on whenever you boot your Wii youl be presented with the BootMii menu.

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