Does Your Android Phone Want an Antivirus App?

On previous versions of Android, you can protect yourself by installing apps from legitimate sources, such as Google Play. A pirated version of a paid app offered on a suspicious website may be stuffed with adware and spyware as known from Windows.

These types of studies suggest the majority of spyware and comes from outside of the Google Perform store. Should you only set up apps via Google Perform, you should be quite safe especially if you examine the permissions a great app needs before you install it. For instance , don set up games that need permissions to deliver SMS messages. Hardly any apps (only apps that interact with TEXT MESSAGE messages) want this accord to function.

Programs may also give other beneficial features. For instance , avast! gives a rivacy Report characteristic that forms your set up apps simply by permission so that you can see if you could have any programs that require so many permissions. avast! also offers a firewall that enables rooted users to block a number of apps via accessing the world wide web.

If you want some of these features particularly the ind my Android anti-theft characteristic a google security software can still end up being useful.


If you only install apps from Google Play, you shouldn need an antivirus. However , if you regularly sideload apps from outside Google Play, you should probably install an antivirus app just to be safe. Of course , it generally best not to sideload suspicious apps in the first place. There are exceptions, such as installing apps from the Amazon Appstore, downloading games youe purchased from the Humble Indie Package, or installing the Swype keyboard from Swype website, but you most likely shouldn downloaded pirated games from suspicious websites of course , that just common sense.

The news flash is full of records saying Android os malware is certainly exploding and this Android users are at risk. Does this indicate you should mount an antivirus security software app on your own Android phone or perhaps tablet?

Yet , this isn the end of your story. Android os antivirus programs are often complete-featured security fits. They often incorporate other valuable features, for example a ind my own Android characteristic you can use to remotely locate your Android-phone if you suffer the loss or whenever it thieved. This is specifically useful, mainly because it certainly not built into Android os.

While there can be a lot of Android spyware and in the nuts, a look at Android protections and studies out of antivirus firms reveals that youe quite possibly safe should you follow some fundamental precautions.

Decide to purchase want a great antivirus, there are some good totally free options. avast! Mobile Security for Android is particularly well-reviewed and is completely free.

As long as you stick to apps from Google Play, you probably don need an malware especially if youe using Android 4. 2 or later. Almost all Android adware and spyware comes from third-party app retailers and programs downloaded out of suspicious websites. To be extra safe, look into the permissions of apps you install.


On Android os 4. a couple of, the pre-installed malware proper protection would with any luck , catch a FakeInstaller when it sideloaded. Even if that didn, Android os would forewarning the user if the app attempted to send Sms interceptor in the background.

Android os itself has its own built-in antivirus security software features. Just before considering if an antivirus security software app pays to, it extremely important to examine the characteristics Android previously has:



A newly released study by simply McAfee seen that above 60% of Android or spyware samples that they received had been from an individual family of or spyware, known as akeInstaller. FakeInstallers disguise themselves as legitimate apps. They could be available on a web page that pretends to become an official site or on an unofficial, imitation Android Market with no protection against spyware and adware. Once installed, they send premium-rate SMS text messages in the background, costing you money.

An additional recent research by F-Secure, which identified that Android malware was exploding, identified a scary-sounding 28, 398 samples of Android malware in Q3 2012. However , only 146 of such samples came from Google Play put simply, only 0. 5% of malware identified was coming from Google Play. 99. 5% came from exterior Google Play, particularly on unofficial app stores in other countries where no checking or policing pertaining to malware is conducted.

Prior to Android os 4. a couple of, the majority of Android anti-malware features weren basically found on Android os devices themselves the protection was found in Yahoo Play. It means that users who all download software from beyond the Google Enjoy store and sideload choices more in danger.


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