Exactly what WLIDSVC. EXE and WLIDSVCM. EXE and Why Are They Operating?

Likewise, wee received no idea why they can be named in capital albhabets. Lazy developers?


In the event you aren applying Windows Live, but you do use Internet Explorer, you should get rid of the Sign-in helper wordpress tool that mounted into Ie. Head into Equipment grand touring; Manage Add ons and change the dropdown to ll add-ons and then get Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper within the list and click on the Disable option.



That precisely the problem that we ran in and which will prompted this content. I employing Pidgin for everybody my instantaneous messenger demands, and the simply Windows Live application that Ie acquired installed is normally Windows Live Writer, which will I serves to write this awesome article.


These two functions work together to create the Windows Live Sign-In Assistant product, which allows you to stay logged into Windows Live. The WLIDSVC. EXE is the genuine Windows Product, and the WLIDSVCM. EXE certainly is the ervice Monitor

Once youe there, you may either see the properties or perhaps hover in the file term to see what. Youl begin to see the full name for the service inside the tooltip.

This kind of service comes with a number of rewards, including a lot easier sign-in with multiple accounts when using Windows Live (screenshot from Microsoft site).


Do you know what those products are? Better start examining!



Youe no doubt discovering this article mainly because youe pondering what many two functions are doing messing up up Taaskmgr, and also are you wondering why they are in capital emails. Youe arrive to the proper place.

If you want to disable the service, easily open up Products. msc throughout the Start Menu search or perhaps Run pack, or search in Control -panel for products. Once youe there, you can discover the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant within the list.

It as well absolutely expected if youe using Windows Live Messenger. Actually if you eliminate the services, youl get the problem message igning in to Windows Live Messenger Beta failed for the reason that service is normally temporarily not available. Please try again in the future. Error code 800706ba

Important Take note: if you are using a Windows Live application that needs sign-in, like Windows Live Messenger, you should NOT deactivate this program.

Once youe double-clicked on the service, you can set it to Disabled in here.


If you had selected Go to Services, youl see that this is a Windows Service, and you can immediately identify which one it is.

You can see in the installer that there no way to de-select the Sign-In Assistant:

This service is used to provide helpers for Windows Live Sign-in, and if you are using Windows Live Messenger or another Windows Live application that requires sign-in to Windows Live, you need to leave it alone.


This article is part of our series explaining various processes found in Task Manager, including: svchost. exe, jusched. exe, dwm. exe, ctfmon. exe, wmpnetwk. exe, wmpnscfg. exe, mDNSResponder. exe, conhost. exe, rundll32. exe, Dpupdchk. exe, and Adobe_Updater. exe.

If youe looking at Task Manager, you should see the two processes at the bottom of the window. You can right-click on the processes and either choose o to Services or you can pen File Location which is what wel do here.

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