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GRUB2 101: Methods to Access and Use Your Linux Distribution’s Boot Loader

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You may also access a few additional tools here, although the exact available options will depend on your Linux syndication. For example , Ubuntu offers a “Memory check (Memtest86+)” choice. This menu entry can boot the Memtest86+ memory-testing tool. Select it and press Enter to quickly perform a memory check without having to burn up Memtest86+ into a disc or perhaps create a bootable USB travel from that. Press Bust or reboot your computer your computer to leave the memory-testing environment.

To access the GRUB2 bootloader menu, you’ll want to restart your laptop or computer – or perhaps boot that if it’s turn off. If you have a dual-boot program installed, you are likely to always begin to see the GRUB2 menu appear at the time you boot your laptop or computer. That’s the standard setting for that computer with multiple systems, as this kind of menu comes with a way to select from them by boot.

Assuming you have other systems installed — whether they’re Windows or perhaps other Apache distributions — you can use choose and start them from this level. Your Apache distribution should certainly automatically change GRUB to list the other mounted operating systems at the time you install it.

The boot termes conseill¨¦s is the component to Linux that loads when you boot up your laptop or computer. It normally just ” booties ” the Apache kernel, which will loads other operating system — but it also comes with a menu with options of a unique.

However , occasionally, a new Apache kernel could have a problem with your system. It may well refuse to start after you modify, or you may possibly experience equipment problems. That is why, Linux droit generally continue to keep at least one elderly Linux kernel around. You are able to switch to the older Cpanel kernel simply by rebooting into the GRUB shoe loader and selecting the kernel. Ubuntu configured GRUB to hide these types of options beneath “Advanced choices for Ubuntu. ” Select it and press Enter in and you’ll visit a list of Cpanel kernels you are able to choose to shoe. The most recent kernel appears at the top of the list, has the best version quantity, and is chosen by default.


You shouldn’t have to tamper with GRUB2 much – this usually really does its work and continues out of the way. Actually people who ought to use GRUB2 will generally just work with it as a menu to choose the desired main system when they start their pcs.

By default, Ubuntu and other Apache distributions cover this menu. You can get the invisible menu by simply holding down the Shift key at the extremely start of the boot-up process. In the event you see your Cpanel distribution’s visual login display instead of the menu, restart your personal computer and make an effort again.

For instance , below we now have moved the text-entry cursor to the end of the “linux” line.

run-memtest86 -from-grub

To change footwear options, pick a boot obtain with your arrow keys and press elizabeth . Modify the footwear options and press Control & Times or F10 when you’re ready as well. To modify the runlevel, locate the queue beginning with “linux, ” proceed to the very end of it, include a space, then type the amount of the runlevel you wished to use. Remember that the “linux” line could be very long and split throughout multiple lines.

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GRUB2 is also where one can choose between the installed Cpanel kernels. The Linux nucleus is the main of the os, and fresh Linux kernels with revisions and treatments often show up via the Linux distribution’s package administrator. To switch into a new Cpanel kernel, you must reboot the operating system and boot in it. This every happens immediately the next time you boot.



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Ubuntu also provides a “Recovery Mode” option here. Other Linux distributions may provide something similar. Boot into recovery mode and you’ll see a list of options designed to help you troubleshoot and recover an Ubuntu installation. If you ever need to fix your Ubuntu system, the options here may help. However , these tools aren’t as easy-to-use and helpful as the graphical system repair tools you’d find on a Windows installation disc.


Ubuntu and practically almost every Linux syndication use the GRUB2 boot termes conseill¨¦s. Unless you currently have multiple systems installed, this kind of bootloader is generally hidden — but it supplies options you might sometimes want.

Next, all of us pressed space and entered 3 to specify runlevel 3. Important Ctrl+X or perhaps F10 could boot to runlevel 3. This switch is only momentary – it will just be used once and GRUB2 will not remember it in the future.

GRUB2 has some more advanced options. You can press c to open a GRUB2 command-line environment, where one can run different GRUB2 orders. Or, you are able to select a footwear option and press age to modify that menu entry’s footwear options manually ,. For example , this may allow you to footwear into numerous “runlevels. inch By default, the Linux division probably shoes or boots into runlevel 5, which in turn generally begins the system using a graphical computer’s desktop. You could footwear into runlevel 3 — the standard program without a visual desktop — or runlevel 1 — a single-user mode suitable for administrative duties.

By default, GRUB2 will footwear the Cpanel operating system you’ll installed. Makes use of the Up and Down arrow keys too to select and option inside the menu, and press Sign in boot the chosen menu connection.

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