How to Enable and Tweak Ubuntu’s Flashy Visual Effects

When youe done playing around – or perhaps if you was able to break anything – you might like to go back to Ubuntu default Compiz settings.

Enter into your pass word, type Con when motivated to confirm, and Ubuntu definitely will automatically find the appropriate computer software.

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-plugins-extra




Enabling shaky windows is the fact simple — your windows will now may actually wobble as you drag them, as if they were made of jello. It looks better animated.

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Click over to the Desktop Size tab, set Horizontal Virtual Size to 4, Vertical Virtual Size to 1, and Number of Desktops to 4.

To configure Compiz, wel need the CompizConfig Settings Manager, or CCSM. Youl probably also want to install additional plug-ins intended for Compiz so you have more advanced effects to play with.



The desktop cube requires Ubuntu’s workspaces to be enabled. 1st, open the Appearance tool from Ubuntu Dash and check the Enable Workspaces option.

Your desktop cube should now be working. Use Ctrl+Alt+Left or Right to change between cube faces, press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Left or Right to maneuver windows between cube facial looks, or maintain down Ctrl+Alt and left-click drag to manually move around the cube.


Check the Shaky Windows checkbox under Results and youl be caused to turn off the Taking Windows plug.

Once upon a time, Apache desktops had been full of shaky windows, computer’s desktop cubes, and also other over-the-top graphic effects. Ubuntu still comprises the Compiz software brings about this conceivable, but it been nicely toned down automatically.



This guide was written with respect to Ubuntu 13. 04, the newest version of Ubuntu at the moment. Some of the ideas or orders may be a lttle bit different about other editions of Ubuntu.


To allow a plug, just click the check-box left of it. To configure a great enabled plug, click thier name. Different plugins have a number of different options — everything from distinctive animations to customizable rates and hotkeys, depending on the plug-in.

CCSM provides a long list of different plug-ins. You should leave ystem plug-ins like nome compatibility, opy to consistency, and NG by itself. The most interesting plug-ins pertaining to configuring desktop bling are located under the Desktop and Effects categories.


Youl right now need to click the General Options button in the General section.

Ubuntu involves some basic graphic effects in its computer system, but delivers no built/in option for enabling and tweaking more effects. All you need is actually a third-party device to unlock the advanced features in Compiz.

Sign out of your Ubuntu personal pc, and then sign back in – Compiz must be functioning much like it was once you installed Ubuntu.

If you desired to configure this plug-in more, you could click the Wobbly Windows name and adjust a number of settings, such as the key that produces windows click to the sides of the screen when presented – Change by default – and even the friction value.

dconf reset -f /org/compiz/


Emerald is no longer becoming developed or perhaps supported, consequently it recently been removed from the regular Ubuntu databases. If you do really want to try it out, WebUpd8 owners a database with a build of Emerald green for the most up-to-date versions of Ubuntu. Make an effort Emerald in your own risk, as it may always be rather unsound.

To use the desktop dice, which uses an cartoon cube-rotation result when you turn between electronic desktops, like each of the virtual personal computers is located privately of a 3d cube, permit the Move Cube checkbox. Youl always be prompted to allow the Computer system Cube plug and eliminate the Computer system Wall plug, which is used automatically.

To install CCSM and the extra plug-ins, just simply open a Terminal eye-port – youl find the Terminal request in Ubuntu Dash — and manage the following directions:

Youl get many other plugins in CCSM for many techniques from adding increased zoom capabilities for option of painting hearth on your display screen for not any other valid reason than showing off. Twenty-four hours a day explore the available plugins and alternatives.

CCSM alerts us that it a sophisticated tool that individuals could use to break our Compiz configuration. If you manage to break your Compiz desktop, you can fix it by resetting it to the default principles – wel cover that later.

You may even be interested in Emerald, which is an alternative solution window decorator – basically, it manages window title bars and edges. Emerald enables a variety of different window decorator themes that may incorporate Aero Glass-like transparency and other effects.

You can now open up the CompizConfig Settings Supervisor application and use it to configure Compiz. Simply open the dash and search for CCSM or Compiz to find and launch it.


A few plugins will be more practical than others. For example , the Water Effect plug-in allows you to hold Ctrl+Super (Super may be the Windows key) and approach your mouse to create a water-rippling effect that follows your mouse. It also enables you to press Shift+F9 to toggle a rainwater effect that renders your computer system appear to be a pond rippling as raindrops fall upon it.


Manage the following get in the critical window:

To take some action, press Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal eye-port. This computer keyboard shortcut can even work when your desktop is normally somewhat broken or cracked.


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