How to Enable Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad Drivers on Your Laptop

Navigate to the temporary folder where you extracted the Synaptics or ELAN Precision Touchpad drivers.

When everything is done, you can head to Settings > Devices > Touchpad. You should see the words “Your PC has a precision touchpad, ” which indicates that the Precision Touchpad drivers are working. You can use the Touchpad settings screen here to customize your touchpad’s gestures, sensitivity, and other features.

On the following page, click the “Have Disk” button at the bottom right corner of the window.

After downloading the drivers, extract them to a temporary directory on your PC.

Expand the “Mice and other pointing options” category. Check to see whether you have a “Synaptics” or “ELAN” input device. If the name of the touchpad in Device Manager doesn’t give you an indication, double-click the device to open its properties screen and examine the listed maker. Here, you observe that a product labeled basically “Dell Touchpad” is in fact a Synaptics suggestions device.

To begin, right-click the Synaptics or perhaps ELAN touchpad product under the “Mice and other aiming devices” category in Product Manager, then select the “Update driver” demand.

All of us tested this kind of on a 13-inch HP Fant?me x360 (2015 model) and a 14-inch Dell Inspiron 14z (2012 model). It does not only labored on both notebooks, it manufactured the touchpads feel a whole lot better-in the opinion. For CES 2017, an HORSEPOWER representative informed us that HP was looking at allowing for users to choose between treating the touchpad as a Precision Touchpad and using the manufacturer-provided drivers. It looks like that is now possible-unofficially, at least.

You’ll need a diverse set of Precision Touchpad drivers depending on whether your PC uses a Synaptics touchpad or 1 made by ANIMATION. You can check from the Device Manager.

If you encounter issues with your touchpad and would rather make use of the standard touchpad drivers, head to your laptop manufacturer’s website. Find the download page for your specific model of laptop, download the touchpad drivers, and install them. The manufacturer’s driver package will replace the Precision Touchpad drivers you installed with the original manufacturer drivers. Or, if you took the step of creating a System Restore point, you can bring back to that level. Just take into account that restoring into a particular level will undo-options other key changes-like new driver and software installations-you’ve manufactured since creating that point.

Find the “Synaptics Aiming Device” or perhaps “ELAN Pointing Device” option within the list of products, and then click on the “Next” press button.

You might also when you go ahead and create a A restore point point, so that you could easily go back to your good old drivers if you want to. Follow the instructions in our System Restore guide to create a new regain point, after which install the new drivers using the technique we are going to about to take you to.

Select the “Autorun. inf” data file in that file, and then click on the “Open” press button. Click “OK” afterwards.

In Razer Edge laptops, the touchpad seems to stop performing after the LAPTOP OR COMPUTER goes into life, too. Matching to dustytouch on Reddit, you can correct this problem by simply downgrading the Precision Trackpad driver.

To spread out it, right-click the Start menu and select the “Device Manager” command.

At this time, it’s possible to merely install Microsoft’s Precision Trackpad drivers in many LAPTOP OR COMPUTER laptops, that make Windows handle the trackpad as a Finely-detailed Touchpad. This will likely not work with every single notebook computer. You may encounter problems on a lot of laptops; it really depends on the components.

We advise you have an actual mouse all set, just in case. You probably won’t want it, but toy trucks seen records that this method can cause the touchpad to temporarily go wrong while you improve its individuals on the Razer Blade and possibly other LAPTOP OR COMPUTER laptops. Whether USB or perhaps Bluetooth mouse button will work-just be sure you contain something to include in case the touchpad ends working. Naturally , you can always run your computer together with your keyboard or perhaps a touch screen, if it has a single.

You’ll see a warning saying that Windows cannot verify the fact that driver is compatible with your hardware. This is typical. To continue together with the process and find out how well the Accuracy Touchpad drivers work on your laptop, click the “Yes” switch.

Windows instantly installs the driver. Restart your PC after the process is finished to activate your Precision Touchpad drivers.

Within the Razer Knife and perhaps additional laptops, the laptop’s touchpad will reportedly stop working as soon as you reboot the PC after the installation of the Precision Trackpad drivers. You may fix this kind of by trying to find updated Finely-detailed Touchpad individuals.

To do this, return to the Machine Manager, right-click your Trackpad device, and select “Update driver” again. In the “How do you want to hunt for drivers? inches window that appears, just click “Search quickly for kept up to date driver software” to down load the latest Finely-detailed Touchpad individuals available for Microsoft.

You can check when your Windows 10 PC previously has the Finely-detailed Touchpad individuals installed by simply navigating to Settings > Devices > Touchpad. In case you see the “Your PC includes a precision touchpad” text, you aren’t already using a PC having a Precision Touchpad. That means you already have the drivers, so you don’t have to do anything. Even if your touchpad doesn’t truly feel great, that’s a problem with the hardware-not the drivers.

Microsoft has been looking to improve the touchpad experience upon Windows 10 laptops. Laptop computers with “Precision Touchpads” are optimized by Microsoft, support standard gestures, and can be configured from the Configurations app. Regrettably, PC producers can opt out of employing Precision Touchpads. Now, in which way to put in Precision Trackpad drivers possibly on notebook computers that tend ship with them.

This process will involve replacing the touchpad’s individuals, and should always be fairly simple. Yet , we advise you be mindful when using the Machine Manager. When you carefully stick to the instructions underneath, you shouldn’t contain any concerns. Even if using this method breaks the touchpad or perhaps causes different problems, it is possible to reinstall the touchpad drivers from your manufacturer’s website to correct things.

Click the “Browse my personal computer meant for driver software” option.

On the following page, click the “Let me personally pick from a listing of available motorists on my computer” option.

This functions because, Accuracy Touchpad or non-Precision Touchpad, laptops generally have the same root hardware. The touchpad is generally made by an organization named Synaptics or VITALITY, and companies choose to possibly use Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad standard or manufacturer-customized motorists and construction tools.

If you have a “Synaptics” unit, download the Synaptics drivers package by Lenovo. Assuming you have an “ELAN” device rather, download the ELAN rider from Softpedia.

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Update : The Fall Designers Update short of money this modify on both equally laptops we all tried that on. There were some concerns clicking and next our touchpads would end responding right after boot. We all don’t advise performing this kind of tweak at this time. If you already experience, we advise heading to The control panel > Remove a Program and uninstalling the Synaptics or perhaps ELAN individuals that look here. Down the line, head to the laptop manufacturer’s website, get the product site for your certain laptop, and download the most up-to-date touchpad individuals for your components. Install these people and they will need to replace the Precision Trackpad drivers you previously set up, reverting the laptop’s trackpad to their original manufacturer motorists.

The original Reddit thread where this kind of trick was initially posted internet is a great location to find even more troubleshooting as well as reports regarding whether this system works on your particular model of notebook.

Many persons feel the basic movement and sensitivity of this Microsoft-customized Accurate Touchpad encounter feels a lot better than the standard Synaptics or VITALITY drivers.

If you don’t look at “Your COMPUTER has a accurate touchpad”-as inside the screenshot below-your PC doesn’t always have the Accurate Touchpad motorists installed. You could be able to make your touchpad responsiveness by setting up the Accurate Touchpad drivers using the instructions below.

In the “Install From Disk” window that appears, click the “Browse” button.

This tip was first posted on Reddit and was expanded on by Windows Central. Thanks, Reddit user 961955197!

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