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How to Play Android Games on Your TV with a Chromecast

To disconnect, just faucet the Cast icon again and choose “Disconnect. ”

First off, your device. If your device is already struggling to run a game, throwing casting into the picture isn’t going to make anything better; in fact , I wouldn’t recommend that at all. But if your device purrs along perfectly, give it a go! You may find everything to be great.

Once you find it, however , just give it a tap, then choose your cast device.

Look for the “Cast” icon. If you don’t see it here, you may need to swipe over to a second screen. If there isn’t a second screen, then you’ll have to edit your Quick Settings panel to add it.

Secondly, consider your Wi-Fi connection. Since all this is happening over Wi-Fi, you’re going to want a good router, and thus, a strong local connection. If you’re using an old 802. 11b router, for example , it probably won’t provide the best experience. Anything modern should work pretty well, though.

Like I said, this is built into many Android cell phones, but not all Android cell phones. Pixel, Nexus, and other stock Android cell phones will feature screen mirroring as part of the core OS experience, but Samsung Galaxy equipment don’t have this choice built in. Most of us cover the right way to do it via both listed below.

How to Ensemble Your Product Screen via Stock Google android

Go mind and give the notification fridge a pull to show the show the Speedy Settings -panel. You may have to provide it the second tug to show the entire matter.

Overall, My spouse and i admit that I’m a little bit shocked at exactly how well this kind of worked. Every single game My spouse and i tried was definitely runable, which I failed to really anticipate. I was looking forward to latency and glitchy junk, but that simply was not the case. In the event that you where to add a controller into the mix, I consider something like Contemporary Combat your five or Unkilled could be fantastic using display mirroring.

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Following that, slide wide open the menu and harness the “Cast Screen as well as Audio” press button. This will wide open the display mirroring menu, and likely create a “not optimized” caution message. Faucet “OK. ”

If you’re using a non-stock Android device, like a Samsung Galaxy or an LG handset, then you’ll have to go about this a different way.

Doing this is actually incredibly simple by using a feature built into many Android cell phones: screen mirroring.

The easiest action to take here is make use of the Google Home app, which you should already have installed since it’s required to set up your Chromecast in the first place. Go ahead and release the app.

For simple stuff like showing your home screens or viewing pictures, screen mirroring is fine. But what about game performance?

Tap the “Cast Screen / Audio” button, after that choose your cast gadget.

The Google Chromecast is a fantastic small piece of tech that you can do a surprising amount of stuff with given its relatively low price tag. While there are dedicated games made to get Chromecast, you can actually play the regular Android os games into it pretty very easily too.

If you are using a gadget running stock Android, after that mirroring your device’s screen is as simple as tugging down the Quick Settings panel and tapping an icon.

What direction to go Once Most likely Connected

Surprisingly, it¡¯s not terrible. Within my testing, mirroring in was very low latency-much less than We expected-but there are a few factors to consider here.

To disconnect, open the Home app again (or tap the Casting notification) and choose “Disconnect. ” Easy peasy.

It should connect immediately, and most likely good to go.

How to Use Screen Mirroring on Non-Stock Products

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Now that most likely mirroring your device’s screen, just release a game and start playing! Everything that happens on your device may also show up on the TV-that means home screens, any app you release, and of course, games.

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