How to Properly Maintain Your Home Attic

Without proper baffles, air can’t flow through the attic, meaning hot air can’t get away during the summer and chilly air can’t get in during the winter, which can cause all sorts of problems year round.

In the end, if you want your house to be in tip-top shape and have the energy efficiency necessary to save money on your heating and cooling, then the attic is one of the most important factors to focus on. Many homeowners often forget about the attic, since it’s one of the most least-visited places in your entire house, but it’s also one of the most important.

Your attic should have some kind of ventilation with both intake vents and exhaust vents– there are different kinds of vents intended for both. On most houses, you will usually have soffit vents (a. k. a. eave vents) for intake. Exhaust vents usually consist of ridge vents, gable vents, or general fan-operated vents (like the one pictured above). This ensures that hot air can escape during the summer and cold air can get in during the winter.

There are two types of attic insulation that you’ll see in most homes: loose fill (a. k. a. blown-in) insulation and batt (a. k. a. quilt or roll-out) insulation. Batt insulation is excellent to use if you are planning to DO-IT-YOURSELF, but blow-in insulation needs a special equipment to screw it up around the attic, which will requires a professional.

However , a chilly attic wouldn’t mean the living space must be cold. This is exactly why insulation was invented, and it offers to the next stage of purchase.

Make sure that the attic is totally covered in insulation which there are zero bare areas where you can start to see the floor of your attic (i. e. the drywall threshold of the place below). Should you see a great deal of bare areas, it could signify your loft doesn’t have enough insulation therefore you might need to include more, or perhaps it could likewise mean padding is mounting up somewhere and you could need to unfold it out even more.


They have likely that you just rarely take a visit into your attic– maybe a couple occasions per year, which is why you really avoid want leaks in your roofing. By the time you are doing discover them, there’s most likely mold growing from the moisture and possible damage that could require repairing.

Furthermore, check your roof to get damaged or missing shingles, which are the main causes for most roof leaks. If you don’t feel comfortable getting onto your roof, call a capable friend who can do it for you, or hire a professional.

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Obtaining a smart thermostat to control the heating and cooling within your house can potentially save you money depending on how you utilize it, but a thermostat basically going to save you money all by itself. Your home also needs good airflow and insulation, and the attic may be the biggest bit of the dilemna.

Your attic most likely has some form of insulation, but the query is whether or not you have enough of it– or if it’s even good insulation in the first place. The heat from your house can easily radiate into your attic, which is why insulation is pretty much a necessity.

Air ventilation on top of a roof.

Attic baffles are pieces of plastic or foam that prevent insulation from obstructing soffit vents, as well as produce a distinct route for air flow to get into the attic from the outside. Sometimes they can become broken or just fall off, allowing insulation to break through and cover up vents. Worse yet, some houses don’t even have baffles in the first place.

If you have a half-bathroom with just a sink and toilet, ventilating the bathroom fan straight into the attic isn’t really a problem, but bath rooms with tubs and showers where it may get really humid must be ventilated straight to the outside, but not into the attic. If you were to vent it straight into the attic, all the humid oxygen would complete the attic room and trigger mold to grow, specifically around the area where the port hole is certainly.

It might certainly not make very much sense, playing with order to your house to be cool through the summer and warm through the winter, the attic must have the proper fresh air, so that heat can easily break free from.

Instead, it might be wise to circumvent the attic room and port it right outside. You can aquire insulated adaptable ducts to reroute the ventilation in cases where needed– the insulation inhibits condensation out of forming, which may then trigger mold progress.


Hold out, why will you want chilled air getting into the attic room during winter? Mainly because if the attic room is too nice, the water out of melted snow will elope, and when that reaches the advantage of the roof covering where it could much chillier, it will get cold and sort an ice cubes dam. After that, melted snow will mess up in back of the ice atteinte and possibly flow through the shingles, causing problems for your roof.

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In case you go up into your attic and see that you have insulation all around, you might think you’re good to go, but be sure to inspect it to see if it’s actually still good. Over time, insulation can get broken or simply become old. Any insulation that’s compressed, moldy, or has water stains on it will need to be replaced. Plus, should you have an older property, your efficiency might incorporate vermiculite, which may contain the product and would have to be properly discarded and replaced with less dangerous insulation.



Its for these reasons it’s always smart to check your rook for leaking whenever you do type in the attic, regardless if that’s not the reason why you’re maneuvering up there– it’s always far better catch a leak early on so that it shouldn’t cause even more damage afterward.

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