How to Use iFunBox being a Robust iTunes Alternative


If you want your iOS device nevertheless you’re not a fan of iTunes, which way to control your unit without this. Read on even as we show you tips on how to spend less time syncing documents and dinking around with iTunes plus more time relishing your unit.

One thing you won’t need is a jailbroken iOS equipment. If you want to fully make use of the most advanced features iFunBox is providing (such for the reason that SSH-based interaction and data file transfer on your iOS device), you’ll need a unlocked device to installing the mandatory dependencies relating to the actual iOS device. 00% of the operation of the iphone app (and pretty much all the functionality we are going to be displaying today) can be bought to users without unlocked devices.

When you haven’t previously attached the device with the USB synchronize cable, do now. As soon as your device is normally connected, you will see a unique case for it inside the upper right side corner:



If you wish to importance files for the core iOS apps– Music, Video, Images, Ringtones, etc . – the Quick Tool kit tab is definitely the way to go. You are able to click on the suitable icon in the Export section up leading to remove the articles of that application or you may click the icon under the Transfer section at the end for a fast-access drag and drop pane like thus:


The final way, and by far the most powerful, to copy and change files is definitely the Classic check out. Switch over to the iFunBox Classic tabs and you browse through the entire index structure of your device:

If you would like to transfer files in to applications that would normally require the iTunes File Sharing feature, navigate to the Managing App Data tab:

Clicking on the tab allows you to switch between attached iOS devices (if applicable), as well as eject the currently selected device or turn on Wi-Fi sharing (more on this in a moment).

The initial installation is quite straight forward (either work the installation technician or unpack the lightweight app’s ZIP). Run iFunBox. exe to get started on the process. You will see a display like the one over.

For this training, we’ll use iFunBox on the Windows 7 machine and an iPad, but the program is also readily available for OS Times and blends with all iOS devices. To follow along with along you want:


In this article we see each of the apps that support Peer to peer from within iTunes, including the program that began our entire quest for a method to avoid iTunes: Comic Passion.

The Windows version of iFunBox exists both when an installation technician and as a straightforward portable software. If you would like to formally integrate it in to Windows, get the installation technician. If you would like to make a portable backup (that it is simple to sync to other personal computers via DropBox or otherwise carry you), get the lightweight one. All of us opted to work with the lightweight version; all of us like lightweight apps.

Along with the above, it will be handy to get a few data files on hand that you have been postponing transferring on your device as a result of kludgy iTunes transfer procedure (we currently have a bunch of comics to load in to Comic Zeal).

Here you will notice that we got advantage of the overall Storage file to turn the iPad in a flash travel. Again, it had been just a matter of pull and giving up the data files from our computer (in this case our /Board Game Info/ folder to copy rules and add-ons intended for the game 7 Wonders to our iPad). Now we can pull the files off from another location and share them with friends.

You can reverse the process, too. If you are at a friend’s house and you want to copy the press you put on your iPad, you can fire up iFunBox and copy things from it instead of to it.

We know after years of fiddling in iTunes this is probably shocking to you, but yes, you can really can just drag a lot of pictures right onto the pane and transfer them to your product.



The arrears pane is a Find Even more Apps -panel, which is even more useful than it would seem at first glance. Although it initially seems to simply be a mirroring of information you could find by means of iTunes should you so wanted (such since several popular cost-free and paid out apps), additionally, it includes very helpful data unification from AppHolic and Software Deals, such as price drops on popular programs as well as briefly free applications– poking about in the Home value drops and Cost-free Today content is a great method to score significant app special discounts.

Now that we now have installed the app and checked out the default software, let’s acquire down the important part: using iFunBox as a really fast and really simple file transfer/syncing tool.


We’re huge fans from the iOS stable of devices, especially the ipad tablet, but we are going to not such big fans of iTunes. As old school geeks, we like simply opening up a device and dumping files onto it. The file syncing top features of iTunes leave a huge amount to be desired (and performing a task like copying over a pile of comic books or the like is needlessly fiddly and complex). Further more, there’s no option to simply open your iOS device like an attached expensive drive and copy files between your computer and your gadget. We don’t know about you, but when we want to transfer a bunch of files and hit the road, we want to transfer a bunch of files and hit the road– silly fiddly syncing processes just irritate us.

iFunBox brings back that kind of convenient just-sending-it-to-my-flash-drive record manipulation on your iOS devices– no more waiting around for iTunes to chug through all sorts of back up, syncing, and also other routines for the record you really want where you want that. You don’t have to absolutely uninstall iTunes (and we all certainly advise keeping that around to accomplish iOS product backups), however you will definitely be using it way less.

Now, rather than jumping through hoops to transfer data files to your iOS device (and waiting throughout the painfully halt iTunes-based transfer), you can move, drop, and fire through your files on your device as soon as the synchronize cable might be.

If you twice click on the icon of one belonging to the apps, to get presented with a file browser pane in which you can drag and drop files right onto your iOS gadget:

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