How to Watch Any Video on Oculus Proceed, Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, or Daydream

There are a few diverse apps to get watching videos in VR, but after testing a couple of, we settled on Whirligig. You can download a classic free edition on their website, or get the $4 edition on Steam, which gets occasional updates, improvements, and new features. I definitely recommend buying the $4 version, but you can try out the free edition to see if it can your cup of tea first. (Note the free edition may stutter when playing large files. )


Important Notice: If you are loading directly off a website, be sure to click once the movie starts playing and click the HQ icon and change it to HD or the highest resolution possible. Most sites default to a really blurry resolution but they own HD should you manually select it.

You will discover downsides, nonetheless. VR remains in its infancy, along with your headset’s image resolution isn’t really suitable to offer the best quality video. Such as games, you may definitely start to see the pixels, along with your movie could have that “screen door effect” into it. In addition , I came across my eyes begun to hurt following an hour or so, plus the straps started to hurt my head after one hour and a half. Your mileage may vary, of course , yet it’s probably not ideal for viewing full movies. It is great, however , pertaining to watching your preferred scenes in ways you’ve by no means seen them before, or watching shorter videos meant to be seen in 3D or VR.

Lastly, with respect to the videos you plan to watch, you may need to download and install the K-Lite Codec Wrap up. I recommend putting in the Basic adaptation. Be sure to click on the “Expert” a radio station button pay close attention– K-Lite does indeed come bundled up with crapware, you just need to decline to put in it through the wizard.

Update: Considering that the first time we all wrote this content, the Skybox VR person has really upgraded and is definitely worth testing out first of all, mostly mainly because it’s totally free, and offers not only on local play-back, but also the ability to stream across the network from one more PC. You can download it in the Oculus Rift Shop, or pertaining to Vive users, get it upon Steam. It’s a superb app which has a lot of alternatives for small adjustments the play-back.

You probably acquired that Ouverture Go, Ouverture Rift, or perhaps HTC Vive to play game titles, but VR can also give a seriously impressive video-watching knowledge. Here’s methods to watch a show on virtually any VR head-set, whether it’s an everyday 2D film, a THREE DIMENSIONAL movie, or possibly a full 360-degree VR creation.

To watch a video, click the Search button in the top left-hand corner with the menu. You can use browse your hard drive to select a video document. (Whirligig likewise claims to back up YouTube links in its Settings, but We couldn’t obtain that to work at time of this publishing. )

If Skybox doesn’t work for yourself, keep reading meant for our earlier pick:

For connecting to your PERSONAL COMPUTER, click on the AirScreen button on the left side, then choose “Search System. ” This shouldn’t consider long to find your PC.


With regards to watching VR videos, you can always view internet streaming content in the browser, enjoy local video clips, or anything at all you’ve taken care of in the app store. But when it comes to watching downloaded content, you are need to take a look at other options, just like Skybox VR, our favorite decision.

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So , following buying Whirligig, open Heavy steam, head to the Library case, and just click “Games” inside the upper right-corner of the sidebar. Click “Software” to find Whirligig in your Local library.

Like we found for the Oculus Travel earlier, when your movie is not really displaying adequately, you should raise up the menu by simply clicking and take advantage of the cube icon to adjust the playback alternatives, and choose from 180 or 360 and side by side versus regular. And if you aren’t sure, just retain changing the choices until the picture looks correct. You also might need to set up the K-Lite codec have to obtain things operating if the film won’t perform at all-just be careful of crapware in the installer.

In the event you wanted to enjoy a movie for the Rift or Vive headsets, you just place the movie on your computer and perform using the guidance further straight down in this article. But since you’re employing an Ouverture Go headsets, everything is normally self-contained and it doesn’t connector into your LAPTOP OR COMPUTER at all. What exactly is get the videos onto the headset? Allow me to share your options:

Also you can adjust the size and Length settings to suit your tastes, or perhaps click the Adjustments cog inside the lower right hand corner with even more alternatives. Whirligig even offers some other amazing features just like saving numerous presets, require basics need you working pretty quickly. For at this point, sit as well as enjoy the video!

We’ve got recommendations on how to observe VR movies on Ouverture Go, Rift, Vive, Fantasy, or Products VR – keep scrolling until you get to the section that applies to you.


If you have the videos on your PC, head over to Skybox’s download section and grab the client for your computer (PC or Mac). Note: The Windows client is 64-bit only. Once downloaded, go ahead and give it a quick install.

Otherwise, you can use the settings button to change the aspect ratio and whatnot.

whirligig controls

If that gets you pumped to watch the Tron Legacy lightcycle battle in huge, in-your-face 3D, here’s how to make it happen.

It’s worth noting that if your movie isn’t displaying correctly, you should bring up the menu by clicking and use the cube icon to adjust the playback options. You can choose between side by side and 180 or 360 formats. If you aren’t sure, just keep changing the options until the picture looks right.

It will take just a bit to populate (especially if you choose a folder with quite a few videos), but once it’s finished everything should show up in Skybox.

If you have an Oculus Rift, you will first need to enable Unknown Sources to allow SteamVR to use your Oculus Rift headset. Automatically, the Rift only enables apps in the Oculus Retail outlet, which means SteamVR and Vapor games won’r work.

Essentially, Skybox can be described as content library– a digital VR theater, should you will. This catalogs community video on your own device, enabling you to watch basically anything you want in VR on your own Daydream Viewpoint or Products VR-simply set up the software and let this do its thing. But here’s the best part: it doesn’t just work with videos stored locally on your phone-you can also make use of the AirScreen plugin to stream videos from your PC as long as it’s on the same Wi-Fi network as your phone.

Why watch a video when VR was made for so much more? Well… it’s really cool! Think about watching a 3D movie, on a 100 inch curved TV that completely fills your field of vision. It’s like having Barney Stinson’s TV strapped on your head.

When your COMPUTER is determined, it’ll arrive as a press button. Click that to connect. Boom-all the movies you included in the Skybox library on your computer are ready to viewpoint.

Whirligig merely the only way to look at videos on your own VR head-set, but it was your best cost-to-performance ratio within our tests. When you are willing to pay somewhat more, Virtual Computer’s desktop ($15) is likewise pretty good, and may do a much more than perform videos– it can be, as the name suggests, a full edition of your PC’s desktop in virtual reality. Simply play a video in your preferred desktop player (like VLC), set it to full-screen, and proceed. If you have problems with Whirligig, Virtual Desktop is almost sure to impress.

Using Skybox is very easy: just click the “Open” button to add files or folders to its library. You can also drag and drop after that into the player window.

Notice: Got a Plex server? You can simply install the Plex consumer from the retail outlet from the individual link (Gear VR, Fantasize, or Ouverture Go) and connect to the server. Which is pretty much almost all there is to it. If you don’t need to mix your VR video clips into your Plex server, or you just want to play content that you’ve downloaded directly onto the headset by itself, your best bet is to use Skybox VR Player instead.

Then, right-click on Whirligig in Steam’s sidebar, and go to Houses. Click the “Betas” tab, and opt into the latest beta in the dropdown menu. Whirligig will bring up to date to the most recent possible variation.

There aren’t nearly as much 360 and VR video clips out there since 2D and 3D movies, but as VR continues to grow, therefore will the assortment.

If you buy the $4 variation of Whirligig on Steam, I also recommend choosing into the beta. Whirligig continues to be under advancement, and if you want the best playback feasible, you’ll need the beta variation with all the most recent improvements. I came across that significant, full SBS videos stuttered in more aged, non-beta editions of Whirligig on my LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, but played out just fine inside the latest beta.

You will discover four kinds of video you can view in VR, each that you can get hold of from varied sources:

whirligig controls

Once there’s done, launch Whirligig in your VR environment of preference, and you’ll always be presented with Whirligig’s heads-up contribution. You can control Whirligig’s possibilities with the THE ALL NEW HTC Vive’s trackpad, an Xbox or An individual controller, or maybe a mouse and keyboard. My spouse and i highly recommend by using a mouse and keyboard, simply because it’s quite easy than any of the gamepads.

First, mount the Skybox client with your VR headsets by catching it in the store with your Oculus Visit, Daydream, or perhaps Gear VR. If you’ve previously got the videos in the area on your headsets, that’s all you should do.


As it starts to enjoy, you’ll probably really want to adjust a lot of settings employing Whirligig’s heads-up controls. This is what we advise for each sort of video:

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