How you can Install Windows 3. one particular in DOSBox, Set Up Individuals, and Enjoy 16-bit Game titles

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Windows about three. 1 was really just an app that ran on DOS, and DOSBox is certainly an emulator designed to manage DOS and DOS applications. Windows about three. 1 in DOSBox is a perfect combination pertaining to running older Windows 3 or more. 1-era applications.


Enter the default way, which is C: WINDOWS, and press Get into. Press Get into again to keep.

On the following screen, select the “Interrupt environment: 5” value and press Enter. Is actually set to five by default, yet DOSBox’s default is 7.

When you restart DOSBox, you can launch Windows 3. 1 by running the following instructions in order:

build up. exe

(If you named the folder somewhere else or placed it at one more location, type that area instead of c: dos. )

Finally, start the Windows 3 or more. 1 build up wizard:

You can use Windows 3. 1 or Windows for Workgroups 3. 11 – whichever you have available.

mount c c: dos

Get out of Windows 3 or more. 1 by clicking “File” and selecting “Exit Windows” if it’s open up in DOSBox. Run this commands to launch the Sound Blaster fourth there¡¯s 16 driver tech, assuming you unzipped the folder to c: dossb

Press Sign in install the drivers, choose Full Assembly, and press Enter once again. By default, you will see the line: “Microsoft Windows thirdly. 1 pathway: None”.

Go through the Windows 3. one particular setup sorcerer to install Windows 3. one particular in DOSBox. When it’s performed, close the 2 system by simply clicking “Reboot” in the sorcerer.

cd c: sb

A person then manage to select a varied video method.

There’s requisite driver concern to take care of. Windows 3. one particular doesn’t involve sound individuals that will work entirely with the SoundBlaster sound components DOSBox is certainly emulating. You’ll be wanting to install some of those, too.

Select “7” for the Interrupt Setting up and press Enter. You will be able press Sign in continue. Permit the installation method to finish and “reboot” the DOS program by shutting DOSBox and reopening this.

Next, set up and kick off DOSBox. In the DOS fast, type this particular command and press Enter to mount the folder you created otherwise you C: drive in DOSBox:


install c c: dos

build up. exe

Choose your preferred quality and colors. We all recommend choosing 800× 600 with 256 colorings. This is the largest resolution and number of colorings many game titles will support.

First, you’ll want to create a file on your computer. This kind of folder should contain the elements of the “C: ” drive you’ll give to DOSBox. Don’t use your actual C: drive upon Windows with this. Make a folder like “C: dos”, one example is.

The overall game should just function, launching inside the DOSBox windowpane as if this were operating on Windows 3. you – in the end, it is.

Select “Microsoft Windows 3. you path” while using arrow keys and press Enter in.

You can download the S3 video driver from the Classic Games website. Unzip the. zip document to a folder inside your DOSBox C: drive folder. For example , it would seem sensible to put these types of files in the “C: doss3” folder.

DOSBox supports standard VGA graphics. Nevertheless , it also facilitates some other types of images. By default, is actually set up to emulate S3 Graphics. For best graphics support, you’ll want to set up the S3 graphics motorists and set up Windows 2. 1 to use a higher quality and more colours.

Type the road to the S3 drivers. For example , if you unzipped them to the C: doss3 folder, you’d probably type “C: S3” right here.

To actually use an application, download it (or copy this from outdated disks) and place it in a folder within just your c: dos folder. For example , you might want to put it in c: dosgamename.

In Windows 2. 1, double-click the Main plan folder and double-click the “Windows Setup” icon. Click the “Options” menu in the Windows Setup windowpane and select “Change System Configurations. ”

Produce a folder within the “C: dos” folder – for example , “C: dosINSTALL” – and duplicate all the files from the Windows five. 1 floppy disks to this folder. Windows 3. one particular is still within Microsoft copyright laws, and won’t be able to legally always be downloaded on the internet, although many websites do offer that for down load and Microsoft no longer presents it that you can buy.

As with the S3 online video driver, you may download requirements Blaster fourth there¡¯s 16 Creative Audio tracks Driver from Classic Game titles website. Open the downloaded archive to a folder just like c: dossb

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Introduce Windows five. 1 once again and you’ll experience full appear support, which include support to MIDI audio tracks. You should listen to a audio as soon as you launch Windows 3. you again.

(If you named the folder something different, type that instead of set up. )

set up. exe

In order to the C: drive simply by typing the below two personas and important Enter:

After that you can create a step-around to the game’s. exe document by pressing File > New and browsing to the. exe document. Double-click that shortcut to launch the overall game.

Click the “Display” container, scroll to the bottom, and choose “Other screen (Requires disc from OEM). ”

cd windows

If Windows won’t do the job properly as soon as you select a screen mode, manage the following receive after making use of the “cd windows” command to the Windows directory:

Mount Windows third. 1 in DOSBox to perform old 16-bit Windows game titles on 64-bit versions of Windows, Apple pc OS A, Linux, and anywhere else DOSBox runs. That is particularly valuable as simply 32-bit variants of Windows can manage those 16-bit applications.

Up coming, enter the file containing the Windows third. 1 assembly files:

An individual go through this kind of entire designed process again down the road, either. Take that c: dos file – or perhaps whatever else you named this – and back it up. Progress it to a different computer and you should use it after installing DOSBox. Since we don’t have configured DOSBox at all and possess just utilized its arrears settings, you may not even have to tweak your DOSBox configurations before it will eventually work.


Simply click OK many times. Windows is going to install the drivers and you should be motivated to restart it. Once you do, you’ll see your new visual settings in impact.

compact disc install

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