HTG Reviews the HooToo TripMate: a Travelling Battery and Wi-Fi Marvel

To get started, connector the Ability to connect to the internet into the equipment then press and keep the power key on the unit until the Wi-Fi indicator mild turns on. Mainly because it finishes blinking green and turns sturdy blue, the router component of the device possesses finished booting. At this point you must be able to connect to these devices via Wi-Fi. The arrears SSID just for the Wi-Fi node is definitely TripMate- xxxx where xxxx is a unique identifier like A7G4. The arrears password is definitely 11111111. You connect to the TripMate exactly like you would any other Wi-Fi router: select this from your unit (be that the laptop, cellphone, or tablet) and then enter the password. At this point you could basically begin using the internet (assuming you’ve properly connected the TripMate to a live jack with Internet access).

After login, the setup wizard will start and walk you through the process of configuring a custom SSID and password, like so:

Select “Disk” to check if your device is connected and visible to the system:

The Bad:

Plug in “admin” for the username and whatever you, during the setup process, changed the administrative password to (Note: the promote password can be not the same as the SSID pass word unless you, unwisely, used precisely the same password just for both).

For anyone who is interested in interacting with the EM features, all of us do currently have a few extra steps. Following connecting to the Wi fi node, plug-in the display drive or perhaps USB unit you wish to promote. Log into admin control panel once again at 10. 10. 10. 254. You’ll see the full dashboard, like so:

The TripMate is a combination device. It’s part battery pack; you can use it to recharge your devices on the go. It’s part Wi-Fi router; you can use it both as a LAN-to-Wi-Fi node or a stand alone Wi-Fi node. They have part EM (Network Fastened Storage unit); you can put a UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS hard drive or perhaps flash drive into it and share files and stream media.

As we mentioned, however , it’s wise to do a little extra configuration and explore the unit. Once logged in to the Wi-Fi node, you need to navigate to the router’s local server at IP address 10. 10. 10. 254 (this is not gadget unique, every TripMate’s administrative control server is located at that IP). There, you need to login with the username “admin” and no password.

As a battery pack, the TripMate functions exactly as you’d expect. It’s not really a beastly can-power-2-iPads-for-a-trans-Atlantic-flight pack, by any measure, but the 5200mAh rating is enough for a few cellphone charges or to top off a larger device like an iPad. When we ran it as a router off the battery power, we were pleasantly surprised to find it could provide Wi-Fi to a laptop for nearly a complete day (around 16 hours) and it may stream movies from the fastened flash travel for a sound 6 several hours before getting rid of steam. While many people will more than likely use the product where it can also be plugged into the wall, they have nice to be familiar with that you could, for instance , stream movies from that during a longer car trip without the issues.

If you are a nerd on the move, it’s not hard to get overburdened with gizmos. Today put into effect a look at a handy minor gadget that lightens the burden: a combination product that’s every single an external battery power, Wi-Fi router, and mini NAS. Read on as we see if it really can kill three birds with one stone.

Regarding Wi-Fi speeds, we had no issues maxing out the connection we were on. Our speedtests with the TripMate, capable of 802. 11 B/G/N, matched our speedtests with top quality routers also connected to the same network. Wi-Fi coverage was also remarkably good. Considering most people will use the device in a area (such as a accommodation, a foyer, etc . ) it has ample range; we all roamed over the world our office and away into the building and had been still qualified to catch the signal.

Following palling about with the TripMate for the last month, how do we experience it? Discussing break that down:

What sets the TripMate in addition to the see if exterior battery bags is the extra functionality. Let’s take a look at what it takes to turn the little battery pack into a Wi-Fi node. Unlike other battery packages, the TripMate has an extra port over and above the microUSB (for electric battery charging) and standard USB (for charging tethered devices). On the top of the unit you’ll find a typical RJ45 network jack:

Right now, per the documentation included with the TripMate, you’re designed to download a special helper app to your PC or lightweight device to bridge the gap involving the device plus the NAS. Our company is at an overall total loss with regards to why the corporation felt the requirement to include this sort of kludgy computer software when, really, the UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS device is merely shared with a simple SMB-based share (the kind of file shares that contain underpinned Windows-based network showing for decades).

After you conclude updating the SSID and password with the wizard, ipad will reboot. Search for the modern SSID and log into the Wi-Fi client again. When you’re only considering using the equipment as a travel and leisure router, your done setting up it and get back to playing on your mobile computer or tablet.

The most basic function for the TripMate certainly is the battery function. It works very much like the different battery features we examined/reviewed in The HTG Guide to Exterior Battery Features. You connector it in the wall to charge, you unplug that and have it with you, when you need electric power you plug in your unit to the battery pack, tap the strength button, and enjoy a charge on the go.

Following that, you’ll have complete read/write entry to the attached disk and may save documents to this, stream films to watch in your devices, etc . If you’re utilizing a portable unit, like an Android-phone, we advise downloading the ideal app through your device’s app-store (such for the reason that ES Manager if you’re employing Android) that can allow you to surf network stocks and shares as effortlessly as you can on your hard drive.

Although the TripMate pretty much performs right out of your box with next to no setup, we firmly suggest performing a little preconfiguration before very seriously using it (to update accounts, make sure that functions profession need it to, etc . )

There completely illuminated the 16GB USB travel we have connected to the TripMate; if you check out Volume, you will find a simple record browser that shows you the folders and files in the device (it has basic file equipment like backup and insert, but i was hard pressed to consider a reason to work with them).

The NAS efficiency was likewise flawless. Really no giant server, actually, but it performed exactly as marketed. We had virtually no issues replicating files from the device applying laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. We were likewise able to stream HD video with no issue to those same devices. From an end-user standpoint there was no difference between connecting to our main router and streaming a video from our home server or connecting to the little TripMate and streaming from it.

Now that we’ve shown you how easy it is to setup and get running, the real question is: how well does it actually perform at the tasks it claims it can handle?

The Verdict: If you need a travel router and/or travel NAS, there’s little reason to not grab up the TripMate. It’s a respected battery pack and it is a more than respectable router and peer to peer tool. And, at a bit over 10 ounces, it’s simple to slip into the bag devoid of feeling just like you’re carrying a packet. Although all of us noted that 5200 mAh isn’t really a sturdy battery, really larger than a large number of similar gadgets (that sometimes have as low as 3000 mAh to share). Despite the wish for a bit flashlight and slight irritability over the kludgy recommended application, we’d gladly recommend these devices to a good friend.

We highly recommend skipping the TripMate software package altogether. Maybe they included it because they were afraid users wouldn’t be able to figure out network shares, but it’s a bit of bloat you just don’t need. To get to the shares on your computer, you just need to be connected to the TripMate via Wi-Fi and then navigate to the address: \tm01USBDisk1_Volume1 (if you have a USB hub with more than one drive plugged in, or some such arrangement, you may wish to simply use \tm01 so you can see all the available disks and volumes):

Now, considering how a large number of batteries, lightweight Wi-Fi nodes/hotspots, and EM devices you will find that not necessarily so great for their single work, it’s a very tall in an attempt to attempt to accomplish all three duties. How does the TripMate last? We’ve used it for the purpose of an extended test out, used it on the office and the head out, and all of us are back to reveal to you how to arrange it and dish the dirt on how well it performs.

Just like a actual router, there are several settings to tinker with. Also, like a real router, it’s best to leave them in their default state (e. g. Powerful IP, may change the admin server’s IP address, etc . ) unless you look for a very compelling cause to do so whilst connecting to a specific LAN. We left everything around the default options and had zero problems insert the TripMate into a selection of networks.

The Good:

This is when you plug-in a network cable out of a wall membrane jack to physically connection an offered LAN link with the Wi fi node when you need to create a quick hot spot to your devices.

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