Learning to make Windows Start the Screensaver Immediately When Locked


Now youl want to configure your favorite screensaver. You can download more screensavers from ye olde interwebs but be very careful. There are a lot of viruses hidden in those downloadable screensavers. Make sure to scan for viruses.

To locking mechanism your computer, if perhaps youe hardly ever tried this, just makes use of the WIN & L step-around key combo, and your computer system will be locked youl have to your password to get back in. It an excellent idea to take action at work, or perhaps if your close friends are the type that may mess with your computer while youe in the various other room.

Will you be one of those people who loves to start to see the screensaver can occur when you stand up from your computer system? Here a good way to make the screensaver show up as early as you lock your computer.

rundll32. exe user32. dll, LockWorkStation

How to start the screensaver right away, youl have to download the free and open source MonitorES utility, the really small instrument that will do a bunch of interesting things, amongst which is immediately enable the screensaver.

Right-click on the computer’s desktop, choose Individualize, and then select Screen Savings on the bottom right hand side of this window.

You can even create a step-around that will locking mechanism your computer, if you happen to be the type of customer that likes using a mouse button to tediously do things rather than nearly-instant step-around key. Only paste this kind of into the position box when making the step-around:



It really worth noting you should really disregard this whole tutorial and set the monitor to show off quickly when youe not utilizing it, because that saves electric power, which saves money on your own bill. Which provides you additional money to buy nerd stuff. And coffee.

Utilize WIN & L to lock your personal computer. The screensaver should glance instantly.


Download, set up, and then available the instrument. Go into the tastes (accessible through the system dish icon), and choose the Automobile SSaver About option.

Note: with respect to some extremely technical documents, it’s perhaps not a good thought to create cutting corners to locking mechanism the computer’s desktop. Plus, once again, WIN & L can be described as much better choice.

Now that know how to locking mechanism your PC, it time to make sure that your screensaver can be enabled. If this already is enabled, then skip down a bit.

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