MEMORY Disks Described: What They Are and Why You most likely Shouldn’t Employ One

Initially, this seems like it might help improve performance. In the event you installed applications in a RAM MEMORY disk, a person would have near-instant load situations because their very own data could already be kept in the speediest memory likely. When you save a file, it would happen almost instantly as it would just be copied to another portion of RAM. This would mean faster application load times and faster file read/write times for files saved in the RAM disk.

Because RAM isn’t persistent, you’d also have to save the contents of your RAM disk to disk when you shut down your computer and load them when you turn it on. For example , let’s say you installed Photoshop to your RAM disk. You’d have to save a copy of your RAM disk to your computer’s hard drive to ensure you wouldn’t lose your Photoshop installation. You may want to do this automatically every few minutes or just at shut down.

However , both of the following would have to be true:

For programs that do write and read data from the hard drive, this data is likely something you don’t want to lose. Using a RAM disk with an important database would be a mistake because you’d eliminate the repository if a crash or electricity loss happened.

However , you will find a big problem in this article. RAM can be volatile storage area. When your computer system loses electricity, the details of your RAM MEMORY will be removed. This means that weight loss store whatever important on the RAM hard disk drive – if the computer damaged because of misplaced power, a person would lose each of the data inside your RAM hard disk drive. So conserving files towards the RAM hard disk drive is useless unless you do care that you’d eliminate the data files – but once you failed to care about the files, how come save all of them in the first place?

RAM MEMORY disks not necessarily a complete fraud like COMPUTER cleaning applications and many other “system-optimization” tools will be. It’s certainly faster to study and compose from RAM MEMORY rather than to work with even a quickly SSD. You will find likely some terrific uses for RAM MEMORY disks in the event you really know what that you simply doing.


When you start up your computer, the RAM hard disk drive program would need to read the RAM MEMORY disk photo from your disk drive and load it in return into RAM MEMORY. In other words, that you simply simply having faster program-load times on the expense of longer boot-up times. When your computer a lot an application or perhaps other data files form their hard drive, this caches all of them in RAM MEMORY anyway — so it’s a lttle bit silly to setup an application or perhaps game within a RAM hard disk drive rather than on your own hard drive. No matter what, once you load the application form, it will stay present in the memory for the purpose of quick reloading later.

You can then install programs to it or move files to it. You’ll want to save a copy of the RAM disk so you won’t lose the data if your computer ever goes down. Of course you’ll have to save a new image every time you upgrade the files on the RAM disk.

If you do have a smart use for a RAM disk, leave a comment – we’d like to know what people are actually using them intended for.


Making a RAM disk is pretty simple. Install a program like DataRAM’s RAMDisk Personal – the free version allows you to create RAM disks up to 4 GB in size – and use it to create a new RAM disk.


This is a high pub to clear – most applications that have a cache an individual necessarily love will use RAM MEMORY, anyway. For instance , there’s no justification in placing Photoshop’s scratch record on a RAM MEMORY disk since Photoshop uses RAM as being a cache whether it’s available. The web browser definitely will store their cache data files in RAM MEMORY if undoubtedly space, as well.

RAM hard disks also preserve a good piece of your mind, ensuring you can’t use it intended for anything else. Windows uses unused memory to cache files anyway, and it does it all automatically and in the background. If you need the memory space for something, Windows will instantly discard the cached data. With a RAM disk, you’d have to shut it down manually to free up memory.

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To create a RAM disk, you will install a third-party program that creates a virtual drive in Windows. This program would reserve a section of your RAM – so if you had 4 GB of files in your RAM disk, the disk would take up 4 GB of RAM. All the files on your disk would be stored in your RAM. When you composed to the hard disk drive, you’d only be writing to another section of the RAM.

Your car or truck want to benefit from the quickness of RAM MEMORY, you may want to make an effort investing in a RAM-based solid-state travel. These are solid-state drives that have RAM rather than typical Display memory. They’re much faster to study and publish to, although also far more expensive since RAM is far more expensive than Flash mind.

RAM hard disks are easy to promote – what you just have to do can be hold up functionality benchmarks demonstrating how much quicker it is to browse data via RAM than it is via even a quickly SSD. Although this isn’t the complete picture.

The computer’s RAM MEMORY is still quicker than even modern solid-state drives. RAM disks take advantage of this, using your computer’s RAM as a lightning-fast virtual drive. But you probably may want to use a RAM hard drive, anyway.

Such drives contain a battery, so they can maintain the material of the RAM if the computer loses electrical power. They have enough battery power to create the data to offline memory space, ensuring you won’t lose whatever you stored in their RAM.

In summary, RAM disks do work as advertised. But you most likely don’t need to use them, anyway. They’re not ideal for running an essential database or speeding up game load occasions.


Such drives aren’t for the typical user – they’re extremely expensive options intended for info centers and also other business uses where you want the velocity of MEMORY with the stableness of SSDs. But these motoring make far more sense than software MEMORY disks should you really need RAM-like speeds with regards to mission vital purposes.

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