Methods to Control Your Entire Home Theatre with a Logitech Harmony Remote control

For those who have a remote that connects to a Harmony Centre, you don’t have to sync over UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS (though you are able to if you want to). Since your distant customizations happen to be stored via the internet, you can simply just tap the Settings option on your remote’s screen and go to Adjustments > Synchronize Remote. The remote and your hub should sync with Harmony’s hosting space and your hottest changes should certainly appear once its completed.


MyHarmony will walk you through a few of the initial arrangement. If you have a previous Harmony remote control, you’ll be offered the option to copy your configurations, which– depending on remotes you have– functions decently well. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be doing a “New Setup”.

If your remote supports smarthome devices, they’ll show up in a list now. You can select them to add them to your remote, or do it personally later. For the moment, we’ll talk about adding home theater gadgets, and add smarthome devices at the conclusion of this instruction, so you can ignore this step.

To get started on, open the MyHarmony software and simply click your remote control from the list.

Repeat this process for any other functions you want added to the screen, and for your other activities or devices.

On the welcome screen, you’ll a list of remotes connected to your account, along with an “Add a remote” button. If this is the first time affixing your signature to in, you’d obviously only see the Put button. Simply click it to include a new remote control.

Logitech’s A harmonious relationship line is built to take the trouble out of controlling your home theater (and, on a number of higher-end remotes, your smarthome devices, too). While it fails to really get rid of the hassle entirely– since Logitech’s setup software is a little awful– it does give you far more control over the movies, music, and other devices in your living room. Here, we’ll explain to you how to set up your Harmony remote to control everything at once.

From the main menu, you can click “Devices” in the sidebar to add or edit equipment, like you would in step 3 above. You can even select “Activities” in the sidebar to do step four. To customize person buttons, nevertheless , click the “Buttons” option inside the sidebar.

That seems like an extensive, complicated procedure, but amazingly, those are just the basics. You can also create complex sequences of functions to assign to a button, or add or fix commands that avoid work. But for most devices, the above recommendations should provide 99% of the needs. When you are finished, you need to have a streamlined remote that controls your complete home movie theater with ease– and with far fewer button pushes.


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MyHarmony definitely will ask you which of them device you utilize to control the amount. If you have a great audio or AV receiver, you’ll probably need to select it here. In the event that not, select your TV.

If that sounds confusing, don’t worry– you’ll get the hang of it once you start creating your remote. Suffice they are required, if you’ve simply used less costly universal remotes up until now, make an effort to forget the old norms of behavior. It’ll come to feel weird at the start, but when set up, you will find a fully-customized distant designed about what to get doing , not what devices you have.

If you have certainly one of Logitech’s higher-end remotes, you can also change the icons that correspond to different activities from the remote’s on-screen settings (or through the Harmony app for iOS and Android).

Logitech’s remotes are different. They let you control each gadget separately, if you want, but they are expecting you to generally use multi-device “Activities”. Therefore , instead of turning on your TELEVISION SET, then hitting the MOVIE button to regulate the Auto dvd player, you’d press “Watch a Movie” with your Logitech distant, which will start the TV, establish it to the correct insight, and turn within the DVD player. You can assign a few buttons to the DVD player, plus some to the TELEVISION for that Activity to fit your make use of case greatest. If you want to switch to another activity– say, “Listen to Music”– it’ll re-adjust the control keys (and on-screen functions, in the event that applicable) to music rather than movies.

MyHarmony will request you to enter the facts for your first of all device. Because of this example, we are going to start with each of our TV– a Samsung UN55H6203AF. Look for the model amount on your TELEVISION SET (or it is manual), come in in, and click the “Add” button.



When your remote possesses a screen, you need to use it to add any functions that have no obvious switch assignments. For example , my receiver has a “Night Mode” that lowers the audio’s active range, so I can watch in a comfortable quantity without waking my neighbors. My remote doesn’t have a physical “Night Mode” button, nonetheless I can put it for the screen without problems.


To begin with, head to Logitech’s Download site and down load the MyHarmony software to your platform– Windows Vista/7, Windows 8/10, or perhaps Mac OPERATING-SYSTEM X. Double click the EXE to install this software, then roll-out the MyHarmony program once its completed.

When advised, connect your remote to your computer together with the included UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS cable.



To include a new function, click the “Select a Device” dropdown for the right, and choose the system that contains the function you would like to add. Seeing that I want to add my receiver’s “Night Mode” to my own Watch a show activity, I’ll choose my own receiver using this list.

From this screen, you may customize any kind of those bed sets of keys. Let’s start with customizing the physical Distant Buttons. Click on the “Select a hobby or Device” dropdown within “Remote Buttons” and select a task from the list, like “Watch TV”. Simply click “Go”.

Designed for the requirements of this information, we’ll just walk through the initial method of home theater devices– well cover smarthome gadgets in a independent guide soon.

Next, MyHarmony will walk you through installing your Activities. You’ll notify it which will devices take part in a given activity, and what inputs many devices need to be set to.



You will definitely now notice a close-up structure of your distant. You can float over a option to see what action it currently has given to that. For example , in the “Watch TV” activity, we are able to hover within the Menu key to see which it invokes the TV’s Menu function. If we hover within the volume control keys, however , we see that they invoke the AUDIO-VIDEO receiver’s volume level function.


If you have a remote with a A harmonious relationship Hub, such as the Harmony Top-notch or Ultimate One, you will need to set up the hub within this process as well. (If you have to a A harmonious relationship Hub, ignore down to Step Three. )


Most more affordable universal remotes– like the one that probably was included with your cable tv DVR, as well as one you still have for 20 dollars at RadioShack– let you control multiple units from the same remote by simply pressing a tool button, consequently using the distant to control that device. Nonetheless most can easily control you device during a period.

When you’re finished, click Done.




NOTE: The Harmony 350 is the only exception here, since it only allows for one activity. For the most part, using the Harmony 350 is like using a normal remote– you’ll press a device button like “DVD”, then use the remote buttons to control the DVD player.

Alright, at this point you’re probably itching to get started. Here’s how to set up your remote using Logitech’s MyHarmony software.

When finished, you’ll see a list of your activities. You can simply click “Add Activity” to add even more in the same fashion seeing that above (such watching a show, listening to music, or observing your Chromecast.

Next, MyHarmony will present you with a set of nearby Wi fi networks. Pick the one you need to use to communicate with the Harmony Hub from the list, and click Next.

Do you have a pile of remotes on your coffee table for each from the items in your home theater? Tired of universal remotes that don’t have enough buttons? Here’s how to solve all your remote control woes with a single Logitech Harmony remote.

If you have a remote with a Harmony Hub, like the Harmony Top notch or Ultimate One, you can also set up your remote using the Harmony app for iOS or Android. But frankly, we still think the MyHarmony desktop software– as flawed as it is– is easier and more powerful to get basic home theater installation, so we’ll be using it for this tutorial.

Adding your devices and activities is only the first part of setting up the remote. The matter that really makes Harmony remotes worthwhile is a customization. By clicks, you may reassign virtually any button to the function you want. MyHarmony will designate some automatically– like your TV’s Menu function to Harmony’s Menu button– but if virtually any button brands don’t quite correspond, can remap them in the Balance software.

Which remote you choose is up to you, but if you want control for smarthome devices, you are going to definitely need one of the second option three. You can view Logitech’s smarthome compatibility list here. The hub that comes with the latter three remotes works together with quite a few products, but the Tranquility Home Hub Extender expands that support to many ZigBee and Z-Wave devices for $100.

At the time you reach the “Add The Devices” display screen, click the “Add Device” press button and continue with the next thing below.


First, select a place to your Harmony Link to remain. It will work with infrared to communicate with almost all of your equipment, but which mean it needs direct type of sight to them. Unbeknownst to many, infrared commands will certainly bounce off walls and surrounding objects, so you can put the Harmony Hub under your TV or in your entertainment cupboard, and it can be heading probably operate fine. For anybody who is putting that behind a closed door– like in a closet or perhaps enclosed entertainment center– plug-in one or both these styles the included infrared blasters and make sure one resides in the garden that encapsulated space.


NOTE: If you possible could, try to follow these guidance as meticulously as possible. Even though Logitech makes some great components, their applications are not very good, and things should go wonky and get difficult very easily (especially when it comes to remotes with the Equilibrium Hub). The closer you follow these kinds of instructions for the letter, in addition to the proper buy, the a reduced amount of chance you may have of jogging into a issue.

To start, we’re going set up a “Watch TV” activity. With this, we want to switch on our TELEVISION and the AV recipient. We use an antenna to view TV, thus we have a tendency need anything at all else– nevertheless if you have wire, you’ll want to enable your wire box as well. Click Following.


Continue doing this process for virtually any functions you want control keys for for the remote. (Any functions in bold will be unassigned, greyed-out functions happen to be assigned into a button. ) You can also make this happen for your other pursuits, or to specific units, for the rare situations you’ll be handling that equipment separately by an activity.


You’ll be motivated to sign in with your Logitech account. If you don’t have one, make one at this point. (Don’t be anxious, a Logitech account is fairly handy– this backs up all of your configurations, and if you ever before buy a brand new remote, you may migrate custom remaking from my old remote which can be awfully practical. )




Back in the MyHarmony software, you’ll want to accept the license arrangement, after which when you are prompted to mention your A harmonious relationship Hub. Simply click Next when you are done.

You can also reassign buttons. For instance , let’s say I would like the “Guide” button to demonstrate a route list, rather than the TV instruction. From the “Device” dropdown on the left hand side, I’d choose “Samsung TV”…

Click the “Sync” button to sync all of the changes to your remote control. It’ll have a few occasions, but your alterations should synchronize to your remote control, ready to be taken.

And bam !! It comes up on the display with the various other functions. You can rename it by clicking it and adding a new name to the “Label” box.

Logitech has a few different remotes available, and they’re all ideal for different situations. Their current lineup consists of:



If you only want home movie theater control, I like to recommend the Balance 650– they have well worth the additional $15 above the Harmony three hundred and fifty. If you could have smarthome devices, the Companion is okay, but the Ultimate One and Elite will be much more versatile thanks to their touch screens. You can most likely save money by going with the Ultimate One, provided you may get over the weird button placement and less responsive touch screen.

MyHarmony will tak you through a number of the initial make. If you have my old Harmony remote, you’ll be provided the option to copy your settings, which– depending on your remote models– works decently well. For the purposes of this guide, we’re going be doing a “New Setup”.

MyHarmony will likely have added a few options to your screen already. You may remove them by simply clicking the “X” subsequent to these people. (This display screen may start looking a little distinctive depending on the distant you have, nevertheless the process is a same for all those remotes. )


Your remote provides multiple “sets” of control keys. It has the typical physical control keys (play, stop, up down, menu, etc . ), it has the Activity keys (“Watch TV”, “Watch a Movie”, and so forth ), it includes the onscreen buttons (if your distant has a screen), and it includes the smarthome buttons (if your distant supports that function).


When you’re done, MyHarmony might ask you to validate your adjustments, at which point you may go back and alter them in cases where something looks wrong. Or else, click Carried out.


Following, you’ll tell MyHarmony which usually input to create on your TELEVISION and receiver. For us, this really is easy– we’re going set the input upon both to “TV”, since we’re using an antenna.


MyHarmony will hunt for and get connected to your link. If it does not need to find it, it will probably return to the “Name The Hub” display screen. I found that we had to move through this step over a laptop, attached to Wi-Fi, and sitting proper next to my Equilibrium Hub so that it can be able to job properly.

If you are finished, just click Done. You’ll be asked any ongoing questions, and prompted to sync the remote above USB. This will likely take a fwe minutes, but when your done, you may move onto step 2.


This will likely be different for anyone, of course , and various for each activity. If you were developing a “Watch a Movie” activity, you might place your Video’s input to “HDMI1”, just where your device is connected, and your receiver’s input to “DVD”, just where your Blueray player is normally plugged in.

Consequently, I’ll browse down to the “Night” alternative (which is normally my receiver’s Night Mode), and move it over towards the screen.


If it identifies your device’s model quantity, it will present in your list of devices. Simply click “Add Device” to continue doing this process just for the additional devices within your setup– your receiver, your DVD or Blu-ray gamer, your cable connection box, and so forth.


… then pull the “ChannelList” function over to the “Guide” button to assign this.

I found which i didn’t need the blasters in all– merely putting the hub together with my recipient was enough for it to manage my whole home theater.

Next, you’ll be asked if you want to continue the process from your computer or operate the Harmony mobile phone app. I like to recommend sticking with the desktop software for now. Once again, the computer’s desktop software has got its imperfections, but really still more reliable in its results than the mobile phone app due to mouse and keyboard. You will have to use the mobile phone app to manage a PC or smarthome devices on a higher-end remote, but those are instructions for another guide. Today, we’ll just be adding your standard home theater devices.

From the main Buttons page, select an activity (or device) from the dropdown menu under “Screen Options”. In cases like this, I’m going to modify the “Watch a Movie” activity (since I need this kind of feature mostly with movies). Press Head out.

On some of Logitech’s higher-end remotes, you can give functions to both brief and very long presses for every single button. In those situations, you’ll need to select a button to view what it does inside the upper right-hand corner. To reassign it, you can hover over a function in the right sidebar, and choose “Short Press”, “Long Press”, or “Both” to assign it to the button.


Once you’ve made your button customizations, you need to sync those changes to your remote. Plug in the included USB cable and the “Sync” button on the MyHarmony page should change from yellow-colored to green.


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