Removing Microsoft Teams via the Control Panel.

Methods to Permanently Do away with Microsoft Groups on Windows 10

To do away with both, visit Settings > Apps > Apps & features upon Windows 10.

Removing Microsoft Teams via the Control Panel.

Seeing that Microsoft’s internet site notes, Groups will also be un-installed if you do away with Office from the system. Microsoft Office appears to automatically set up both Groups and the Groups Machine-Wide Specialist in many cases.

Really silly, nevertheless that’s how it works. Particularly, you’ll have to do away with both “Microsoft Teams” as well as the “Teams Machine-Wide Installer. inch If you merely uninstall the Microsoft Groups application, the machine-wide specialist will reinstall it every time you sign in to your PC. To completely uninstall Groups, you have to take out both applications.

You can also operate the classic Control Panel to do away with these applications. Head to Control Panel > Applications > Do away with a Program, look for “Teams, inch and do away with both Microsoft Teams and Teams Machine-Wide Installer.

You will absolutely done! Next time you sign in to your PERSONAL COMPUTER, Teams do not ever automatically reinstall itself. It really is heading stay removed from your system until you download and install this on purpose.

Uninstalling Teams and the machine-wide installer from Settings.

Microsoft Teams sign-in window that appears at startup.

Beneath Apps & features, look for “Teams. inch Uninstall the two Microsoft Groups and Groups Machine-Wide Specialist.

If Microsoft Teams will keep reinstalling alone on your Windows PC and launching alone at shoe, there’s a alternative. You can’t merely uninstall Microsoft Teams the most common way: You must uninstall this twice.

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