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Nerd Fun: Virtualized old school Windows 3. eleven





The infamous Paintormerly called Paintbrush.

Oh, and don forget to exit Windows when youe done for the day it was basically just a plan that is operating on DOS. Clicking Get out of doesn turn off your computer, it only completely to DOS.

Welcome to Windows 3 or more. 11. Simply no exit control keys; just double-click on the left-hand side in the Window. Incredibly, you can continue to exit programs this way in all additional versions of Windows, which include Windows 7.

The tech looks interestingly familiar hey, it appears to be just just like the initial level of XP installer.



But don forget, wee running it inside Windows 7. Hey, it looks pretty good in Flip 3D/p>

We start out with one of the first well-liked version of Windows Windows about three. 11. Many people can remember employing Windows about three. 11, although may be shocked to go back and discover how lots of things still function similar in today editions. Here a lot of screenshots of Windows about three. 11 using VMware Person on Windows 7 x64. Yes, that a 18 bit OPERATING-SYSTEM running atop a sixty four bit OPERATING-SYSTEM.


The popular 3. one particular boot display screen appears a bit of different than the Vista or perhaps 7 itc animation.


Yes, we still have to start Windows by entering inat the command prompt/p>

Windows about three. 1

Wee all wasted countless hours on Minesweeper/p>


There wasn the ability to save documents to a whole lot of different formats back then.

We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lanehose of you who are old enough to remember that is. Leave a comment below and share your Windows 3.1 stories. We remember this was quite a defining moment in computer geek history when it was launched.

The great-granddaddy of Windows 7 Libraries/p>

Must you learn how to use a mouse? I used to be actually by using a Microsoft Cellular mouse in Windows about three. 11, mainly because it just appears to be like a standard PS/2 mouse through VMware.

What a nerd to do with VMware, extra hard disk drive space, and RAM to spare? For what reason fill that with all the systems he can! To find the fun of that, we take a review of virtualizing a vintage version of Windows.



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