One of the most Useful Computer keyboard Shortcuts with the Windows Taskbar

But the substantial power of the beginning menu will not be actually in the menus– it is the built-in Search (and, in Windows 10, Cortana) features. Just press the Windows key to spread out the Start menu, and start keying. Whether you are looking to introduce an iphone app, visit a site in the The control panel, or watch what happenings are developing on your schedule, you can do all this without ever in contact with the mouse button.

Please note : When you see PowerShell instead of Receive Prompt relating to the Power Users menu, what a switch installed about when using the Creators Modify for Windows 10. It’s easy to button back to exhibiting the Receive Prompt relating to the Power Users menu if you wish, or you will give PowerShell an attempt. You can do just about everything in PowerShell that you can do in Command Induce, plus a many other valuable things.


Using the Ctrl key with many shortcuts exhibits the most just lately launched case of an iphone app. For example , declare you had 3 File Explorer windows available on your PC, and File Explorer was in the first posture on your taskbar. Pressing Ctrl+Windows+1 would provide you with the Document Explorer window you most recently opened up.

And there you have it. While there not necessarily a huge number of keyboard shortcuts for dealing with your taskbar, there are sufficient to do just about anything you may do along with your mouse.

You may also hold down Shift while using the those shortcuts to establish a new occasion of an application that’s currently running. Within our example, important Shift+Windows+3 could open a brand new window just for Chrome, whether or not Chrome has already been open.

Press the Windows key along with a quantity key to launch the corresponding app. In the taskbar over, for example , Windows+3 would establish Google Chrome, Windows+4 would establish Slack, and so forth all the way up through Windows+0 for Prospect. Using these types of keyboard shortcuts on an application that’s currently running will toggle the app between a minimized and maximized state.

Pressing Enter selects whatever is the default action for the icon. Or you can press your Context key (if your keyboard has one) or Shift+F10 to open the full context menu for the icon.

There are not a lot of specific keyboard shortcuts for working with the Start menu, but you can nonetheless use the keyboard to navigate this and establish apps. First of all, you can available the Start menu by striking the Windows key or simply by pressing Ctrl+Esc. You can close the Start menu by important Windows or perhaps Esc.


There’s no quicker way to navigate your personal computer than with keyboard shortcuts, and Windows goes on to add more with each fresh version. All the things begins in the taskbar and begin menu, while, so it’s genuinely handy to work with them without ever clicking your mouse. Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts for working with the Windows taskbar.


You can also perform a similar trick in the Notification Area (or system tray) at the right end of the taskbar. Press Windows+B to highlight the first item in the Notification Area– usually the up arrow that leads to additional icons– and then use your arrow keys to move around.

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The Start menu is organized into three columns– folders, apps, and tiles. Use Tab and Shift+Tab to jump between those columns. Within a column, use your arrow keys to move around and press Enter to open whatever is highlighted. Note that if you use the right arrow key on an app that supports jumplists, it will eventually display the jumplist, and you will use the still left arrow to back out of this jumplist.

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The initially ten programs on your taskbar are designated numbers via 1 through 0, still left to correct. This allows one to launch these your key pad.

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Windows 8 and 10 also added a new, to some extent hidden menu with more advanced options. Press Windows+X to open the strength Users menu, which– as opposed to the beginner-friendly Start menu– provides speedy access to powerful utilities like the Celebration Viewer, Unit Manager, Demand Prompt, plus more. After starting the Power Users menu with Windows+X, you may then press the underlined albhabets in the step-around names to launch that utility. Or, you can just use your arrow keys to move up and down and press Enter to launch your selection.


If you prefer using your mouse, there are also a few keyboard accelerators you can use while mousing that can speed things up for you:



The Alt key modifies the basic shortcut to open an app’s jumplist. So , pressing Alt+Windows+8 in our example would pop up Notepad’s jumplist. You can then use your arrow keys to select an entry on the jumplist and then press Enter to launch your selection.

Image Credit: NOGRAN s. r. o. /Flickr

And while the number shortcuts only go up to ten, you can also press Windows+T to highlight the first app on your taskbar, then use your arrow keys to move through all your taskbar apps and press Enter to launch whatever is highlighted.


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