macbook air no optical drive

Using CDs, Digital video disks, and Blu-rays on a Apple pc Without an Optic Drive

Luckily, one could use cds without investing in an external travel thanks to the built-in Remote Dvd feature. A Mac or perhaps Windows LAPTOP OR COMPUTER on your network can function as being a ...

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Caution: Your pplication-Specific Passwords Aren Application-Specific

Application-specific passwords are certainly a big improvement over not using two-factor authentication at all. Giving away application-specific passwords is better than giving every application your primary password. It's easier to revoke an app-specific password ...

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Consult How-To Geek: How Can I Monitor My Bandwidth Usage?

Dear Ireland, ISP Issues in Ireland If you are setting up NetWorx on a laptop or other computer that is frequently outside of your house (and thus ...

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How to get and Take away Duplicate Data on Windows

CCleaner's default adjustments are intelligent, and will let you search for repeat files with your C: travel while neglecting system data and invisible files. You might also choose to search a specific submission site ...

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Cell phones Are Better Without Easily-removed Batteries

Water is a bane of pretty much all of the electronic products (I discovered this out of Pokémon). An individual drop inside the wrong place can be enough to smolder your products. There a ...

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The straightforward Envelope Program for Keeping Fiscal Records

Following highlighting, make a note of notes immediately onto the receipts simply because needed: Photography by ollily Upon having more ...

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Methods to Quickly Reboot your computer Directly from Windows 7 to XP, Vis, or Ubuntu

nstead of pressing restart, waiting for Windows to shut down, waiting for your BIOS to post, then selecting the operating system you want to boot into (within the bootloader time-limit!); you just select ...

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Alter or Reset Windows Security password from a Ubuntu Live CD

chntpw is currently installed! You are able to close Synaptic Package Supervisor. Skip towards the section entitled Using chntpw to reset your security password . ...

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The very best Skins meant for Kodi (and How to Personalize Them)

Came from here head to the "Interface" section. If ease is what you are considering, Arctic Zephr builds upon its wintry theme for making something ...

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Getting Your Shed Windows or perhaps Office Merchandise Keys

Once you've salvaged it, you may just double click and the pop up window will highlight your merchandise key. RELATED: Rookie Geek: Methods ...

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