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Above the next several months, wel end up being creating official certification courses with regards to Windows 8, Windows Hardware, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and SQL Server. Wel also be creating non-certification training as well. Should you have any delete word courses, make sure you let us know.

You should get your COMPUTER onto the network too so we all will start by simply explaining what an IP address is and why you need one. However , an IP address is not all that is required to get computers to communicate on a network, as such we will appear at how subnet masks work as well since how your computer uses a bitwise AND operation to check if the unit you want to get in touch with is on the same network as you are.

One of the first things you will want to do is discover whether your personal computer is cable television of jogging Windows 7. The following stand summarizes the hardware requirements.


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list storage

In usual Microsoft vogue you will have to allow the certificate agreement ahead of you continue.

Be sure to examine other articles or blog posts in the series (so far)

Next we have to create a solitary primary zone on the USB:

If youe going to research and learn in order to pass a test, you should definitely find out what the test is about before beginning. So here a brief summary of all of the factors that this exam is going to cover, which is also a good guideline for what this series will probably cover. You can read Microsoft established list of matters on the exam information web page.


You can’t buy Windows 7 Business from the shop either as it is only available through volume certification.

image At this point there not much that can be done, so move grab a cup of coffee and check back in 10 minutes. image Once you reach the post set up wizard, you have made it. image

Wee going to begin with Windows 7 a great in-depth evaluate the operating system, based upon the same materials covered inside the Microsoft qualifications test. When wee finished with this series, you need to understand enough to feel comfortable taking test though definitely we can guarantee that youl go number 2 the test, and that we do suggest doing all the more study about them.



It is crucial to mark the partition simply because active, in order that Windows is familiar with which canton to boot right from:


Afterward assign that a travel letter which is not is apply:


It obvious that Windows is high-priced, and even more hence in the corporate and business environment. The key to saving in licensing costs is to find the right format. Lets take a review of some of the variations.

Finally we have to give the USB a drive page so that we are able to copy the installation documents to this. To do that we have to get a list of volumes upon our machine:

You will without difficulty be able to distinguish the correct level by looking with the size steering column, once you have uncovered it just select that:

Suppose you just want to uncover, without spending any cash?


select level 3

Nowadays we need to remove all the existing partitions off of the drive, you can do this by using the clean command:

What Does the Examination Cover?


Seeing that we are carrying out a clean set up you can go on and click on the Set up now key. Note: You may ask in contrast to what, if you look at the bottom left hand corner on the dialog you will notice some analysis links, they are simply very useful and you ought to take some time and play around with these people.

Now that you know the requirements and get a tiny bit of track record knowledge about Windows 7, discussing take a look at methods to do a clean install. We are using a DISC to do the install, hence fire up the VM, build an INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION F¨¹R STANDARDISIERUNG and follow. The first thing you will have to do can be choose a terminology for the install sorcerer, its really worth noting that the isn’t precisely the same setting seeing that locale in Windows. image


Tomorrow we will cover enhancements and migrations, so stay tuned for more for the next lessons.

While part automation can be done using standard answer files and a network share, you can get total automation by using tools like the Windows AIK (Automated Installation Kit), SIM (System Image Manager) and SCCM (System Center Config Manager) along with Windows Deployment Services. Just remember that no matter which method you choose to install Windows, including WDS, you will need to change the BIOS settings on the PC to boot from the correct piece of hardware.

Once you are connected to a network you can take advantage of some cool features like being able to share files with people, as well as being able to remotely access your PC from anywhere in the world. Of course all of us will show you the right way to tighten up secureness using network locations and firewall dating profiles as well. Finally, you will want to keep the system informed using Windows Updates and possess a good back-up plan applying Windows Back-up. So enables get started.

Windows 7 Starter Copy

develop partition principal

How-To Nerd School can be your choice. Each weekday wel have a new technology lesson on a specific subject. Wel clarify everything the way we always do, with lots of pictures and advice.


list volume

format fs=fat32 quick

The Ultimate edition is aimed at geeks and enthusiasts and contains all the features that the Enterprise version does. It is also available for purchase from a retail store.

select disk 1

If you have an extra PC, you could also use that for examining, but with a more recent computer you are able to run several VM at the moment, making it the optimal place to test out.

Windows wouldn’t just magically appear on your hard drive; someone has to put it there. However , the method you use to get Windows onto your home computer differs significantly from the method big companies like Dell and HP use to deploy Windows to thousands of computers each time.

There a lot of choices, depending on if you want a absolutely free solution or perhaps something better, like VMware Workstation. You can also install a number of the free hardware versions should you wanted to acquire elaborate.



The first two courses that wee previously put together could make you a professional on the consumer side with respect to the Windows ecosystem.

Obviously, using a show drive is certainly faster than installing Windows from the MOVIE, but it still doesn level well. In order to try and eliminate the scalability problem we can also install Windows from an ordinary network discuss.


Having your certifications isn the easiest thing in the world, and it definitely not inexpensive. Books are expensive. Taking classes is far more expensive. It a huge sector, and if you will want good job you usually ought to invest uncountable time and money, with the end, you will probably find you weren that thinking about the first place.

Since your source documents are kept in a single repository, you only have to update the image you have in your WDS machine. This way any kind of new installation you do can automatically have the latest assistance packs mounted. You can also slipstream drivers when you get fresh hardware in the environment.

Be sure you read through the required Microsoft list when you find the time.

Up coming we need to use a diskpart get line program:

To do a clean install, pick a Custom (advanced) installation.

Within a typical network installation (when not employing WDS), your client will initial download the 3. 5GB of Windows set up files to each PC prior to performing the actual particular installation. This approach is wearisome and a waste of bandwidth. When utilizing multicasting instead of each PERSONAL COMPUTER pulling its very own files from server, the server uses a one to several method of duplication the data to your clientele, thus keeping massive numbers of bandwidth.

Windows 7 Home Premium features all the incorporates a student or maybe a standard home user would require on a PERSONAL COMPUTER.

While you cannot go to the local PC shop and grab a copy of Starter model, you do need to find out about it designed for the exam goals.


For those who have all of these elements already in position there are large benefits more than an ordinary network deployment, just like:

image Once you have the disk amount you will need to choose it:

Be aware that you only ought to meet the design requirements should you wish to make use of the Windows Aero knowledge.

The exam aims cover many different methods that one can use to mount your replicate of Windows. The one you are almost certainly familiar with is definitely installing Windows from a DVD, which is still possible in Windows 7. One potential caveat with this method of installation is that many mobile phone computers, including netbooks and ultrabooks, don come with built/in DVD generates. In this case it truly is useful to set up Windows by a UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS. In order to install Windows from a USB, the flash drive needs to be at least 4GB in size. You will also currently have prepare it making use of the following basic steps, which can be completed from any kind of PC working Windows 7.

We are into virtualization more than here at How to Geek, on the other hand it a reasonably new strategy. Before the times of quickly rotating up a VM, whenever we wanted to experiment with a new OPERATING SYSTEM, or bliss forbid there were to support heritage software, we might have to dual boot the computers. The bottom line is that means there were to run two distinct systems, side by side.

Nowadays, there are a small amount of compelling great dual boot. However , as far as exam objectives go, you will need to know that you might dual boot in the case of source constraints. You must also note that this requires at a minimum two partitions on your hard drive. You could also opt for two separate hard drives altogether, one exception to this rule is the new “boot from VHD” feature which allows you to run a dual booting Windows 7 machine without partitioning your hard drive. Finally, remember that when dual boot-up it is always easier to install the older operating system first, by doing this Windows will certainly automatically set up the boot menu for you personally.

That almost all there is to it. Of course in the real world we would use a utility to do this for us, but unfortunately that isn’t a valid exam answer.

It can worth noting that the exam will quite possibly ask you about loading drivers during the installation process. This is where you will stop and click the Fill Drivers link to install your SCSI or other hard disk drive controller driver, and then the installer will certainly detect the new hard drive.

designate letter=F

Geared towards the small company owner, Windows 7 professional enhances the memory limit on your program by a great deal.


Inside the first variation of Nerd School we intend to cover Microsoft’s 70-680 test, which is the sole exam it is advisable to become a great MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) about Windows 7 subject matter. This series is going to period 3 weeks with one article each weekday.

Not every among our programs will be tied to an existing test or qualification though wel be creating programs that cover general geek topics like building a computer or server, consumer electronics, photography, and photo enhancing.

You should only have one hard disk drive, which shouldn contain any partitions now, so go ahead and click to kick off the installation.

The Home Fundamental version sports activities the same features as the Starter variation, bar the application limit. It also allows for up to 4GB of memory on an x86 install and 8GB on an x64 install.

Note: Since this is a Microsoft exam we will stay with Microsoft software program, but you ought to note that there is certainly nothing preventing you coming from dual booting Windows and Linux.

In the 1st part of the series we are going to look at all the different assembly methods, components requirements and versions belonging to the operating system. For anyone who is already jogging an operating system just like Windows Vis or even Windows XP you’re not going to make you behind.

One thing you need to do is certainly open an increased command punctual. image

If youe going to always be installing and tweaking and customizing the operating system, we all strongly direct that you don use much of your computer with this task. You are much better off downloading and installing a virtual machine software, after which loading up Windows in a virtual machine for tests.

While this may sound like a viable option initially, it certainly isn’t with out its defects. You see, in order to access the installation documents on your network you would continue to need to shoe each LAPTOP OR COMPUTER from whether DVD or maybe a USB consisting of the WinPE (Windows Preinstallation Environment), you may then get connected to the network share making use of the command string and start up the set up. However , the most typical method utilised in large scale deployments of Windows 7 is known as a technology known as WDS (Windows Deployment Services). In order to employ WDS you’ll want the following:

The majority of our visitors are familiar with Windows 7, nevertheless just how competent are you? Would you pass a Microsoft recognition test? Within our new Geek School series, wee likely to try and show you about technology in a more specific fashion starting with Windows 7, nevertheless wee certainly not stopping now there.

When we speak about a clean install it commonly implies that hard drive will either be empty or perhaps is going to be sorted, and the past operating system will probably be lost. That is in contrast to a great upgrade wherever files and settings will be kept. Starting with Windows 7, it is possible to perform a clean set up on a drive that currently contains a computer. In this case you’re going to be warned that your outdated Windows set up will be joined a Windows. old folder on the reason for your harddrive. One example of when a clean install is needed is when you wish to change the architecture of your Operating System. For example , if you wanted to change from a x86 (32 Bit) to x64 (64 Bit) copy of Windows.

Now open explorer and select all the files on your Windows DVD and send them to your USB.

Congratulations on your first Windows install.


Now give the new partition folders system:


In the second part of the series we explore your options related to upgrades and migrations, plus the difference between your two. When you have Windows 7 up and running easily you will need to set up settings. Another few content will cover topics like:

There’s a lot more to learn, and we’ll have new lessons each weekday to help you out. In the mean time, you can study up on a few things on your own if you want to.

Now we need to identify which disk is our USB, you can use the following command to find out:

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