So why I Continue to Use Windows 7 After a Year of Trying to Like Windows 8

Draw has already written about how he learned to love Windows 8, therefore i thought I chime along with my own experience. I tried hard to love Windows 8, yet I just can make it work.

The reasons why I haven switched to doing all my computing in the Modern interface must be pretty obvious to anyone who utilized Windows 8, but Il cover them anyway:


Feel free to chime in with your own experience and views. I know a lot of you (or in least a vocal minority) feel similarly about Windows 8, and Ie noticed it in some of the remarks when writing about Windows 8. At the same time, I understand some of our readers like Windows 8 plus some of our authors do, too. Wel continue to write about Windows 8, yet Ie limited Windows 8 to a digital machine until it learns the lesson.


Word is that Windows Blue is correcting some of these issues, particularly by allowing Modern apps to snap in 50/50 watch, allow for extra Modern applications on screen at once upon higher-resolution displays, and re-introducing a unified search experience. These are some really good next guidelines, but the Modern interface will not match the flexibility of the personal pc for electrical power users because it constructed on limits. The grievances of computer system users haven¡¯t yet recently been addressed, possibly after continual negative remarks throughout Windows 8 consumer testing method.

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This is just one single geek point of view. Ie recently been playing with Windows 8 to much longer than most people. It is about a manufacturing year since I just wrote my own first Windows 8 article content (using a prerelease) only at How-To Nerd.

First, discussing get one element out of the way. Charge Gates explained igher is normally better the moment asked if he employed Windows 8, but this may not always the truth in Windows-land. I remember Windows Me, which will loved to blue-screen – I stuck with Windows 98. I remember Windows Vista, which usually couldn’t transfer files more than a network in reasonable rates of speed – like many people, I stuck with Windows 7. Now a brand new Windows type shows up again and it’s time for you to evaluate whether this one will be worth the update (like 7 was) or whether we ought to stick with the version of Windows once more.

After looking to like Windows 8 for the desktop, We came back to Windows 7. It instantly felt like a computer designed for could use my personal computer. This knows We don experience a touch-screen and doesn act like I really do. It positions consistent dialogs on the computer system. It doesn try to running Microsoft products on myself. It a more comfortable computer system experience that doesn look and feel schizophrenic just like the ekyll and Hyde Windows 8 program does. I not required to hunt about disabling situations and understanding how to live with what exactly I can disable.

Microsoft, listen to the users. Pcs aren heading. There will always be men and women that need to apply computers to work, and adding the ultra-modern interface for the Server rendition of Windows shows all of us Microsoft simply just doesn obtain it. Let go, Microsoft. Convince all of us the Modern program is better by simply actually turning it into better, not really by driving all Windows users to use it.

In the event you offered me a desktop-only model of Windows 8, I be happy. But , designed for my personal pc use, Windows 8 gets in the way more than it can help improve my personal desktop encounter. Windows 7 is great, and there grounds businesses are staying with it. Windows 7 is definitely the new 7.





Most likely Ie only become caught in my ways and resists any adjust at the fresh old age of 26, nevertheless I don think and so. Change could be good, nevertheless change isn inherently great. I think a whole lot of others feel likewise about Windows 8, and that how come we haven seen the adoption, line-ups and great press that accompanied prior versions of Windows, including Windows 7.

Some people just like Windows 8 so much that they can insist Microsoft will be taking out the computer’s desktop in the next couple of versions of Windows, shifting us all towards the new Contemporary interface. A large number of people may possibly indeed much better off with the Modern interface if they just use their computers for general browsing, social networking, and media consumption, but this is pretty crazy to anyone who works on a computer.

Have you upgraded to Windows 8 yet? Wee published a lot of Windows 8 articles here at How-To Geek, and Ie written many of them, but I haven. I still use Windows 7 on my PC.


As tech geeks, many of us have an obligation to know about Windows 8 and how to use it. If you might get stuck supporting Windows 8, you should probably install it and learn about how it works. But , after writing scores of articles about Windows 8 for various publications and using it on-and-off for a 12 months, I feel I already know Windows 8 very well. And I know I don like it – not really. Maybe I would enjoy it with a touch-screen or a convertible device that could be both my laptop and tablet. Convertible devices have a lot of potential, although the Modern environment doesn offer the programs that an apple ipad tablet does and also the openness and freedom going outside the app-store for censored apps that Android truly does.


Ie catalogued Windows 8 a large number of desktop features and secureness improvements. However, I nonetheless don wish to update to Windows 8 in the non-touch notebook. Ie currently listed why Windows 8 would be a suitable upgrade, great Il list some reasons why I simply don wish to pull that trigger.

I provide credit wherever credit arrives. Whatever you believe of it, Windows 8 genuinely another Me personally or Landscape. Both Me personally and Landscape had stableness and performance challenges. Windows 8 is extremely steady and fast. Windows 8 problem is their vision, not really its setup.


What actually do I eliminate by staying with Windows 7? The computer’s desktop may be a lttle bit snappier, nevertheless I don notice that using a Core i7 PROCESSOR. Boot-up can be faster, but I sleep or hibernate my computer when not using it anyway. Gaming performance is the one thing where increased performance could sway me, although benchmarks have shown that game playing performance is around the same. File-copying is substantially improved, although I don do very much file-copying and TeraCopy helps out that. The newest Task Manager is very nice, although I nonetheless prefer Procedure Explorer.

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