Take away Ubuntu or XP from Windows 7 Boot Menu


First, we should open a command induce with Forretningsf?rer privileges.

During your stay on island are thirdparty GUI alternatives for completing the same thing, that way will save you period by the lack to go through the excess steps of putting in an extra application.

Youe shaved a couple of seconds off of the start process! Including the added effort and hard work of hitting the type in button.

Otherwise, if youe disabled the search box, you can discover the receive prompt in all of the Programs > Accessories.

Type bcdedit once again to confirm that your offending front door is now passed away from the list.


By simply clicking the left mouse button button and dragging in the appropriate text message, select the designation for the entry you intend to delete, such as left and right ugly braces in either end.

and next right-click anywhere in the receive prompt eyeport and select Substance .


To change the start menu, we all will use a software program called bcdedit that added with Windows 7. There are some thirdparty graphical applications that will change the menu, but we all prefer to apply built-in applications when we can easily.

If you reboot your computer your equipment now, you can see that the start menu would not even developed, because there is just one single entry within the list (unless you possessed more than two entries to begin with with).

bcdedit /help

Please note: If you’re even now rocking Windows XP, you may remove things from the start menu now there too.

bcdedit /delete

There a lot more which can be done with bcdedit, like replace the description of boot menu entries, set up new posts, and much more. For that list of your skill with bcdedit, type our next into the Receive Window.

Start the start menu and type cmd in the search box. Click on the cmd program that shows up, and choose Run for the reason that administrator .

In the receive prompt, type: (make certain to put a place at the end)

Find the entry that you want to erase inside our case, right here is the last you, with the information of buntu What we require is the prolonged sequence of characters as well as as the identifier. Rather than type it out, we is going to copy this to be pasted later.



Right-click somewhere in the command fast window and select Mark .


If perhaps youe ever before used a dual-boot system and then taken out one of the operating systems, it can continue to show up in Windows 7 boot menu. Wel provide you with how to get reduce old articles and increase the shoe process.

Press the Enter in button. This will copy the text to the clipboard.



Press Enter to input the now finished command. The boot menu entry will now be removed.


In the command fast, type in bcdedit and press enter. A listing of the shoe menu articles will appear.

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