The How-To Nerd Video Guide to Using Windows 7 Talk Recognition

Ever get the desire to control your computer, Celebrity Trek-style? With Windows 7 Speech Identification, it less difficult than you may possibly think.

Microsoft has been working upon its tone command continuously over the years. 7 introduced this, Vista smoothed it, and 7 has it polished. It strangely not really advertised being a feature, although other tone command and speech identification programs will be hundreds of dollars. It may not become as perfect as some of them, nevertheless there certainly something amazing about vocally telling your pc to do elements and this actually operating.

It simple to enable, easy to configure and use, and plain fun. Watch the video under to see tips on how to enable this and to visit a demo of what it may do.

And of course, you can call up the cheat sheet found in the Help file at any time by asking hat can I say?/p>

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