The right way to Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 On the Same PC

If you want to try out the new Windows 8 but don’t have a CPU that supports virtualization, check out our guide on how to get all the goodness of Windows 8 along side Windows 7 by dual booting.

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In the next dialog it asks you to assign it a drive letter, you can accept the defaults and click next.

A wizard will launch this is going to take us through all the steps we need to format the drive. Over the welcome display you can only select subsequent to be asked how much of this unallocated space you want to employ, we suggest you keep the arrears which will employ all the space you set apart if you modify this it could result in several space likely to waste.

At this moment choose the switch default os link.

The settings webpage that you will look at next has got two choices, Use exhibit settings and Customize, wel choose employ express options but please choose custom made option and specify the own options.

That what you just have to do to reap the benefits of equally worlds. To begin with Windows 8, you should check out the guide to each of the new awesomeness it gives.


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Once they have logged you in you are able to restart your computer to see the fresh OS Variety screen. Automatically it will footwear into Windows 8 following 30 seconds of inactivity, you most likely don want this. To change the default back to Windows 7 click the Change defaults or choose other options link at the bottom from the screen.

Once you press enter or click the ok button, a MMC will load with the disk management snap-in pre-loaded. From here you can get a nice overview of your hard drives.

If you haven yet downloaded a copy of the Windows 8 Developers Preview you should head over here and grab yourself a copy. Once you have either burned the ISO to a DVD or used the USB Download Tool to make a bootable USB you are ready to visit, simply place you DVD or plug in your USB and boot from the device. You might have to into the BIOS and change the boot order but since you dual booting pre-beta software wel presume you able of that much. If you see the words ress any key to boot from CD or DVD quickly press any key on your keyboard to begin configuring the installation.

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To get started we need to logically separate those 20 Gigs from the space that Windows 7 is currently using, to do this we need to create a new partition. You can do this in the hard disk drive management MULTI MEDIA CARD snap-in, to launch the snap-in press the Windows Key & R to launch a run field, type iskmgmt. msc in to the run field.

Then wel choose community account over the next webpage.


You are now going to need to shrink the C: drive by the capacity that you wish your Windows 8 drive should be. To shrink the drive right click on the C: drive and select hrink volume/p>

When you click on the shrink press button Windows definitely will shrink the drive. When it has finished shrinking the partition, hard disks Manager displays this new space with a dark header which means it is an unfilled partition, you now have to give it folders system. To format the drive using a file system click on the dark space and choose ew Basic Volume

A dialog field will appear requesting how much you wish to shrink the drive simply by. It requests you how much you would like to shrink in megabytes, so remember that there is 1024 megabytes in a gig so in our example we shrink 20 gigs which is20480 megabytes because 20*1024=20480.

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After you have selected your languages the your are ready to install Windows 8. So click the install switch to get started.

The next decision you will need to make is actually a critical 1. Choosing the wrong partition to install on will result in data loss therefore make sure to select the one that we created earlier.

Type the name that you want to use as a log on name, also choose a strong password and a hint just incase your forget your password. When you done click next, your account will be created and you will be logged in.

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After setup provides completed you’ll be asked to accept the license agreement, after you have read that, fill the check box and click subsequent to move to the installation type. You should opt for the custom unit installation option.



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On the formatting partition stage of the sorcerer you can keep everything for defaults allow for the quantity Label that you simply should in order to something remarkable for example indows 8 this is very important as this is the partition you have got to select for install period.

The circumstance: you happen to be in a situation where you have got to Windows 7 installed therefore you really want to test Windows 8, but your COMPUTER does not support virtualization therefore you don’t want to formatting since Windows 8 remains in pre-beta and the probably there are some products that are smashed. The only alternative you have recommendations to dual boot. That is required to be able to dual footwear is a harddisk with for least twenty Gigs of totally free space, it can work with a little less although this is the lowest we advise.


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Another decision you have got to make is actually you want to login your computer by using a Windows Live ID, or perhaps create a community account. We wish a local bill so wel click the link that says Don want to log in using a Windows Live ID.

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Once the unit installation in entire you will be asked to give your personal computer a identity, then click the next press button.

Once you have picked the rupture and clicked next. The installation will start.

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Click following and finish to initiate the format. Once the file format is finished the once black header will now be blue and you are prepared to install Windows 8.

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And lastly select Windows 7.

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