The right way to Perform a Clean Install of Windows 8. 1 With a Windows 8 Key

The problem is that Windows 8. 1 product keys are different from Windows 8 product keys. You can’t enter a Windows 8 product key into the Windows 8. 1 installer, just as you can’t enter a Windows 7 product key into the Windows 8 installer. You also can’t install the original version of Windows 8 with a Windows 8. 1 product key.

Thanks to Paul Thurrot for demonstrating how to download Windows 8. 1 installation media with a Windows 8 key, and thanks to nate. wages on Neowin for sharing how to install Windows 8. 1 with that key!

This normally makes sense, but Windows 8. 1 isn’t really a different version of Windows. It’s a free upgrade to every single Windows 8 user, so there’s absolutely no reason to introduce a new product key system.

That’s the theory, anyway. In reality, there’s a way we can get around this limitation. The Windows 8. 1 installer refuses to accept the Windows 8 product key and won’t allow us to install Windows 8. 1 with this. However , Windows 8. you will agree to the Windows 8 item key in the event you enter it in the desktop following installing Windows 8. you – zero, we how to start why functions this way. Whenever we had a means of skipping the item key immediate during the unit installation process and entering the key soon after, we could set up Windows 8. 1 clean – thankfully, we perform have just one way of doing that. We’ll simply need to modify the Windows 8. 1 unit installation media a lttle bit.


Microsoft wants one to install Windows 8 normally and operate the Windows 8. 1 update offer inside the Windows Retail store to acquire Windows 8. 1 . Just people who invest in Windows 8. 1 may install it clean, not individuals that origianlly bought Windows 8.

This is easiest if you’ve created USB installation media, as you can edit the files directly on your USB flash drive. If you created an ISO file, you’ll have to modify the files inside it before burning it to disc.

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If you want to just download the installation information for a clean reinstall of Windows 8. 1, you will find a new choice from Microsoft that can permit you to download that image without entering the product key. And if you are totally reinstalling a Windows 8. 0 COMPUTER you can use this kind of 8. you installation information with the same key via Windows 8. 0, and so there’s no motive not to do and so. It also comes with Replace 1 included.

You will have a fully functioning Windows 8. 1 program fresh-installed with only a Windows 8 product key. The unit installation media you created may be used to install Windows 8. you on some with a Windows 8 item key, so that you can more quickly set up Windows 8. 1 about multiple computers.


Open the ei. cfg file in Notepad or another text editor. Copy-paste the following text into the text file and then save it.

Microsoft also only allows you to download Windows 8. 1 installation press with a Windows 8. 1 key, so we’ll explain to you another trick that allows you to download Windows 8. 1 installation press with a valid Windows 8 key.


The second problem is that Microsoft only allows you to download Windows 8. 1 installation press with a Windows 8. 1 product key. You can’t normally download it with a Windows 8 product key. Luckily, there’s an additional confusing technique we can value to get around Microsoft’s limitations.

Windows 8. you is a cost-free upgrade to all or any Windows 8 users, however you normally aren’t install Windows 8. you with a Windows 8 item key. Thankfully, you can get surrounding this limitation should you really want a brand new install of Windows 8. 1 .

Simply download the Windows Installation Information Creation Instrument, and then pick the details about which in turn version you want (Windows 8. you or 8. 1 Expert, etc), then follow through the wizard to produce your footwear media.

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Should you try to set up Windows 8. 1 considering the media you created along with your Windows 8 product key, you’ll see a mistake message. Rather, we’ll have to modify the installation press before beginning in the installation process.

Yes, it can ridiculous that people even have to write an article relating to this. Windows 8. 1 is practically something pack with regards to Windows 8, and it’s liberal to all Windows 8 users – Windows 8. one particular even welcomes Windows 8 keys when ever installed, but it really doesn’t through the installation method. There’s no rationale to drive Windows users – specifically loyal kinds who acquired Windows 8 at discharge thanks to Microsoft’s $40 give – to jump through so many nets.

You can now mount Windows 8. 1 normally using the unit installation media you created. You’ll not be caused for a merchandise key when installing that. After the unit installation process accomplishes, you’ll see a product or service key punctual. You can go into your Windows 8 merchandise key in this article, and Windows 8. one particular will accept that for some reason.

You may choose to position the boot news flash directly on a USB travel, or you can easily create a great ISO later or to melt away to a dvd later.

Should you have a product key for the Professional adaptation of Windows, replace the phrase Core with Professional.


Renovate : We have been informed that simply embarking one of the KM’S Client Organized Keys coming from Microsoft’s site during the Windows 8. 1 installation process should let you install Windows 8. 1 normally. You should then be able to change your key to your initial Windows 8 key from your desktop afterwards.

Open the USB drive in Windows Explorer or File Explorer and navigate to the sources folder inside it. Right-click inside the sources folder, produce a new text file, and name it ei. cfg. (Ensure it’s named ei. cfg, and not ei. cfg. txt – this may require ensuring file extensions are demonstrated. )


First, visit the Upgrade Windows with only a product key page. Click the install Windows 8 switch to begin downloading it Windows 8 installation mass media. Run the downloaded device and get into your product key. After the download begins, close the setup device.

Next, visit the Upgrade Windows with only a product key page. Click the Install Windows 8. 1 button and run the downloaded tool. The Windows 8. 1 create tool refuses to prompt you for a key, but will download Windows 8. 1 normally. Select the Install by creating media option after it completes and create either USB installation media or an ISO file. We’re going assume most likely creating USB installation mass media for this process, as it’s the easiest way to do this.

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