The right way to Reset or Change the Password for Your Verizon FIOS Router

Have you ever tried to login to your Verizon FIOS router, only to find out that youe got no idea what the password is? Here how to reset the password to the factory defaults and get access to your router again.

Each of the Verizon routers will have a Reset button on the back side somewhere, usually with a red circle around this. To totally reset the router to manufacturing defaults, press this press button (using a pen or perhaps something similar), and maintain it straight down until each of the lights over the router blink and turn away, and then to come back ontl consider somewhere between 10-30 seconds.

On the side be aware, that pass word box is very annoying about these Verizon routers.

If youe having a trouble logging within a pass word manager just like LastPass, you may not actually have a password trouble as much as a password administrator problemor several reason this kind of password field doesn operate right with password managers.

Normally all you should do to be able to login on your router is definitely head to in your internet browser, and type in the account information to get into the settings.

Wee blended a quick minor table because of the Verizon router models which we know of, as well as the default pass word for each.

Naturally , once we place the table at the same time we noticed that they were however except for one of these, so the desk isn extremely useful but it really looks fine, so wee leaving this here.




On a aspect note: whenever youe applying another (better) router in house for your network, you should probably turn off WEP over the Verizon router.


The trick is usually to just work with LastPass to repeat the pass word to the clip-board, and then physically paste this in.

Whenever youe nonetheless looking for a valid reason to login to the router, be sure to read our guide to changing your Wi-Fi router channel to optimize your signal, or our explanation on why hiding your wireless SSID is really not a security feature.

Naturally, this might be different for your router version, but this is what wee seeing right now.


Once youe reset the password to the default, it going to be set to one of the followingr it might already be set to one of these, so before you reset the router, you should try each of these.

If it doesn work, then try it again.

If youe still not having any luck, then reset it.

Once youe able to login the first time, youl be prompted to change the password on the first loginut if you were able to login without having to reset it, you should probably head down to the Quick Links section on the left-hand side, and use the Modify Login User Name / Password setting.


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