The right way to Schedule a Scan in Windows Defense

In the centre pane, within the list of duties, double-click the “Windows Defense Scheduled Scan” task to spread out its real estate window.

Inside the left hand direction-finding pane of this Task Scheduler window, exercise down to these kinds of location:


In the “New Trigger” home window make sure “On a schedule” is chosen on the “Begin the task” drop-down menu. You can collection the diagnostic scan to run once or to recur daily, regular, or regular. When you’ve got set up the schedule you enjoy, make sure the “Enabled” option at the end is checked out and then simply click “OK. inch


There are a couple of various other useful choices on the “Conditions” tab. For anyone who is on a notebook, you might want pick the “Start the job only if the pc is about AC power” and “Stop if the computer system switches to battery power” options to stop the task via running the battery straight down unexpectedly. Likewise, select the “Wake the computer to operate this task” if you generally put your computer to sleep you should definitely using it. With this option allowed, Windows may wake the PC, work the diagnostic scan, and then place the PC to sleep. When you are done establishing the options you want, simply click OK.

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Windows Defender immediately performs qualifications scans in your PC’s nonproductive moments, nevertheless doesn’t contain an easy way to schedule a complete scan. We have a way to do this, though.

Inside the properties home window, switch to the “Triggers” tabs. Notice that you will find no sets off by default, seeing that Windows takes care of background scanning services as part of its maintenance routines. Create a new trigger by clicking the “New” button.


In Windows 10, hit Start, type “task scheduler, ” and then click the result or hit Enter. In Windows 8, you’ll need to type “schedule tasks” instead.


You can now exit Task Scheduler and rely on Windows Defender to run its scans according to the schedule you set.

Starting with Windows 8, Windows Defender came as a built-in antivirus app, replacing the standalone Microsoft Security Essentials that came before. Security Essentials provided an easy way to schedule a scan through the app’s interface, but that ability went away in Windows Defender. Instead, Windows Defender performs partial scans during times when your PC is idle. If you keep your PC turned off when you’re not using it-or you put it to sleep and have it set to not wake up for regular maintenance-you can still schedule a scan using the Windows Task Scheduler. And you can make that scheduled scan a one-off or regular thing.



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