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The very best Samsung Galaxy Features Most likely Probably Not Using

You can enable this feature in Settings > Advanced Features > Send SOS Text messages.

With a solitary gesture (a diagonal swipe from the bottom corner) or a triple-tap of the home button, you can shrink the display down to a functional size pertaining to one-handed operation. If you’re not already using this, it’s a game changer when you only have one hand available. You could find one-handed options at Settings > Advanced Features > One-Handed Mode.

That’s almost all from a simple menu press button that appears just to the left belonging to the back press button in the the navigation area. Also you can edit the shortcut press button on the proper side belonging to the navigation keys-by default, 2 weeks . screen feel lock, however you can change it to other things by simply pressing the cog icon at the top of the menu.

Modern cell phones are big. Even if you decide on a “smaller” model-like the Galaxy S9-it can easily still be a difficult task to do everything required to do with an individual hand. There’s where one-handed mode is.

Bright Lock permits you to keep your machine unlocked underneath particular conditions: when the smartphone is attached to a particular Wireless device (this is great for smartwatch users), if it’s in your pocket, or perhaps when you’re within a specific site. While On-Body Detection (in your pocket) isn’t your best option, the different two are.

Samsung bags its range topping phones with a slew of features-some are actually better than inventory Android. In any case, there are a lot of features on these to that you may certainly not be using. Here are several of the best.

So do yourself a benefit and get a wireless charger. You’ll be pleased you do.

You’ve been able to set customized ringtones pertaining to specific users or circumstances for a long time, yet Samsung more recently added customized vibration patterns to the mix. These let you maintain the phone quiet but still be able to tell the difference between a contact or text-you can even established custom sto? options for different contacts if you would like.

You can find general vibration options in Configurations > Appears and Vibrations, but you’ll want to set contact-specific vibration adjustments that contact’s card. Dive into the “Edit” button, and scroll to the “View More” alternative. Vibration Structure is at ab muscles bottom.

When you will have been gazing at your smartphone in bed and are generally ready to go number 2 you, absolutely nothing sweeter than rolling as well as dropping the product on a emellertid to start asking it. Not any fumbling with cables, simply a super easy approach to monetary fee your smartphone. And in a period of time, killing the alarm is simply as easy when you don’t have to manage a cable tv attached to the phone.

When you play games with your phone, Samsung’s Game Equipment menu is a fantastic way to boost the experience. 24 / 7 a game is certainly running, a fresh menu can be seen that provides a lot of pretty entertaining tweaks you may like once playing. With Game Tools, you can:

You can not only send out a message, yet optionally give a picture, five-second audio recording, or both. Once executed, your phone transmits an SOS Message together with the text “I need help! inch and a map of your current area to your particular emergency connections. If allowed, it also transmits a video and picture in a independent message.

I am just always surprised to find out every time a person contains a phone that supports wifi charging however they haven’t attempted it-this is by far one of the most easy features upon any system that offers this! While USB-C is easier to plug in than micro UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS (since USB-C is a nondirectional plug), that still will never match the simplicity found in cordless charging-especially overnight.

Fine, calling this kind of a Korean feature is not really fair-it’s an attribute built into Android os. But the level still stands: if you’re certainly not using it, you will be. It’s interesting.

When empowered, you can easily sidestep the freeze screen should you meet the Bright Lock standards. You can find these kinds of options in Settings > Lock Display screen and Reliability > Brilliant Lock.

Not like the different convenience features we’re dealing with here, HELP Messages is mostly a potentially life-saving feature which can quickly mail a message to up to several emergency associates when you speedily click the vitality button 3 x. It’s away by default, hence we inspire everyone which has a Galaxy touch screen phone to enable that now.

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