The way the Command and Option Preliminary Work on a Mac

This key has the âŒ? symbol upon it. This icon is used over the Mac’s custom menus to indicate when you can actually press an opportunity key, not much different from the way the Receive key’s icon is. Not like for the Command key, we have zero history that indicates as to why this icon was picked.

The Receive key will never do anything itself. It’s a changer key you may press to issue computer keyboard shortcuts to applications. For instance , while you press Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, and Ctrl+V to copy, trim, and substance on Windows, you press Command+C, Command+X, and Command+V to do similar on a Apple pc.

To perform the keyboard shortcuts proven throughout Mac pc OS Times, you’ll need to understand the symbols. Apart from âŒ? symbolizing Command and ⌥Â? symbolizing Option, ^ represents Control while â‡? represents the Shift key.


In order to change which usually key really does what, you are able to customize this by pressing the Apple menu, starting System Choices, selecting the Keyboard icon, and clicking Modifier Keys. You may also set the Caps Locking mechanism key to “No Action” here, efficiently disabling the Caps Locking mechanism key in your Mac.

The Command and Option take some time may seem a little foreign, nevertheless everything functions fairly likewise on a Mac pc. The âŒ? and ⌥Â? symbols will be printed for the keyboard so that you can more easily understand the keyboard shortcuts shown through Mac OPERATING SYSTEM X.

In conclusion, on a Mac pc, you’ll probably become pressing the Command key to issue keyboard shortcuts. The Control (Ctrl) key is also present, but it actually used for as much things.

Once running Windows on your Mac pc via Boot Camp, the keyboard mappings are improved so earning more perception in Windows. The Option key functions while Alt plus the Command key functions for the reason that the Windows key.

An opportunity key capabilities similarly to the AltGr key on various PC input keys, which explains why in addition, it has “Alt” printed upon it. Holding that and hitting another key allows you to type a special identity that doesn’t normally appear on its keyboard counterpart. For example , hitting Option+4 when using the US computer keyboard layout should produce ¢, the ct sign which will normally does not have to appear on the keyboard. Just like other changer keys, several charging used within some computer keyboard shortcuts.

This is sometimes a bit difficult when heading back and out between OPERATING-SYSTEM X and Windows. For instance , you’ll have to press Command+C to repeat text in OS A, but you have got to press Ctrl+C to copy text message in Windows. These preliminary are in several places, so that it can impact your muscle random access memory. To solve this condition, you can use SharpKeys to remap the Receive and Control keys in Windows.

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Apple pc keyboards experience Option and Command preliminary where common PC key boards have In die jahre gekommen (umgangssprachlich) and Windows keys. The keyboards will be otherwise quite similar, nevertheless new Mac pc users should understand these types of different take some time.


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In Mac OPERATING SYSTEM X, you might use the Modifier keys dialog to exchange the features of the Ctrl and Command word keys, if you love. This would choose a Mac’s key pad shortcuts job more like the keyboard shortcuts on the Windows PERSONAL COMPUTER.



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This key provides the âŒ? mark on it. This symbol shows up throughout the Mac’s menus to indicate when you can press the Command word key along with one other key to issue a keyboard step-around. The Command word key actually had an Apple logo onto it, but Sam Jobs thought displaying the Apple company logo throughout the first Macintosh’s menu would be overusing the logo. A designer find the âŒ? mark to replace it. Really an old mark used in Nordic countries to indicate places of interest – in Sweden, it’s the formal sign to get a tourist appeal.

For example , when you click the Apple menu you’ll see the keyboard shortcut assigned to Force Quit. if you’re not used to a Mac’s keyboard, these symbols may look like hieroglyphics – but they’re really saying you should press Option+Command+Escape to open the dialog where you can force-quit applications. It’s like the Task Manager on Windows.

Apple’s Mac keyboards actually do have a Control (Ctrl) key, but the Control key doesn’t function like the Control key on Windows. Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C to copy text won’t work.

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