Warning dialog about an untrusted launcher

Tips on how to Create Desktop Shortcuts on Ubuntu

Dropping shortcuts on the desktop is one of those things that Windows users do without overthinking about it. It’s unfortunate, but a newcomer to Linux can find doing that simple task a frustrating struggle. It’s the type of thing that gives them the impression that getting anywhere with Linux is going to be a long hard go.

Note that in Ubuntu nineteen. 10, the desktop icon settings will be under the Extension cables settings, and so click the “Extensions” entry inside the left-hand lite.

Even persons who’ve applied Linux for the little while and know their very own way about pretty well will find this theme much more of challenging that it should be. In real fact, really not difficult, nonetheless it is definitely counter-intuitive.

It’s anything called a great application’s . computer’s desktop file. They are text data files that illustrate certain qualities about the application form. Amongst other items, they inform the os where the binary executable lives in the file-system. When you double click the step-around, Linux uses this information to look for and establish the application’s binary record. We simply need to find the right. computer’s desktop file.

Warning dialog about an untrusted launcher

The desktop settings in the application window in Ubuntu 18.04

And so there you have it. A bit long-winded, nevertheless simple enough.

Various other applications which have been locally set up with system-wide access-meaning they are presented for all users-usually have their. computer’s desktop files set up into:

We are able to also notice that the binary file is named gc . We will need that information quickly.

A full list of possible. desktop file entries and their values can be found in the. desktop file specification.

The first line of the. desktop file must be:

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Applications that are provided as part of a distribution’s default packages, or are installed from repositories, have their. desktop files installed into:

Because it has set up, press the “Super” key (between the Control and Alt take a moment on the bottom-left of most keyboards) and type “tweaks”. The Tweaks icon will appear. Select that to launch Adjustments.

LibreOffice Writer .desktop file properties dialog.

The very last three lines are ancillary data about the application.

Slide through the symbols until in reality the LibreOffice Writer icon. In Ubuntu 19. 10, the symbols all resemble cogged tires, so you will have to check the identity of the record to make sure you could have the correct. computer’s desktop file.

All the other articles in the. computer’s desktop file consist of product labels and worth, joined by an equals sign = . Make sure you don’t have spaces directly before or after the equals sign.

Application icon being found by GNOME search

And definitely counter-intuitive.

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweaks in a terminal window

Teh completed .desktop file in the gedit editor

Ubuntu 18.04's GNOME Shell desktop.

That’s not a problem; we can easily create our own. All it is is a text file with the appropriate details listed in it.

cp ./Geocoder.desktop ~/.local/share/applications  in a terminal window

Applications that have been installed so that they are only accessible to a single user have their. desktop files installed into the home directory of that user:

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Open up a great editor. We’ll be using gedit , you could use the editor of your choice.

To demonstrate this process, we’re going to create a desktop shortcut to get LibreOffice writer. Now that coming from turned on a chance to have icons on the desktop, we just need to drag something to the desktop, and we’re going have a shortcut. But what do we need to drag?

To copy the. desktop file onto the desktop, right-click it and select “Copy” from the context menu. Right-click on the desktop and select “Paste” from the context menu.

The very first thing to do is to check that the application runs. If it doesn’t, you’re not going to get it working with a. desktop file either. But you can spend a lot of their time going rounded in groups wondering why the. desktop record doesn’t work. Therefore , for the sake of currently being thorough, make certain you’re app launches and runs in the right way when you start that manually.

At the time you double click on the icon to the desktop, you will see the same alert dialog mainly because earlier. Click on the “Trust and Launch” press button.

A. computer’s desktop file may be a text record with options it in. On its own, which is not enough to show off an icon. We need to how to use icon that is supplied with the applying. We can see there may be an icon called “ip_gc_icon. png” inside the application website directory, and most of us use that.

Files window showing LibreOffice Writer icon

You now have a LibreOffice Copy writer icon to the desktop you can use as a magic formula to unveiling the application. You will likely only start to see the “Untrusted App Launcher” discussion the first time you employ the shortcut.

You may have now acquired an icon on the computer’s desktop, but it shouldn’t look whatever like it ought to. What’s going on?

Putting the. personal pc file in the local applications listing integrates the application into the GNOME search function. Press the “Super” key (between the Control and Alt tips on the bottom-left of most keyboards) and type the 1st part of your application’s brand. Its icon will appear in the search results.

Desktop icon immediately after being dragged to the desktop

geocoder directory with icon visible

Although it doesn’t seem like you’d expect, it is a operating shortcut. Double-click it to launch the application, and you’ll become greeted which has a warning discussion.

Desktop device should be straightforward, but they’re not in Ubuntu 18. 04 LTS and modern releases just like Ubuntu nineteen. 10. Go along with these easy ways to receive desktop cutting corners for your treasured applications, as known from other systems and other Apache desktops.

For this test laptop, we’ve got software that doesn’t contain a. computer system file.

The icon changes its presence and text message label to look like you possessed expect it to, and LibreOffice Writer will be launched.

Sometimes applications do not give a. desktop document. Programs that have been written in-house or applications you might have downloaded from Github, for example , frequently don’t come with a. desktop document.

Successfully launched application from desktop shortcut

Left-click on the LibreOffice Writer icon, hold the remaining mouse switch down, and drag the icon to the desktop. Launch the mouse button. Although this would usually move that which was being dragged, in this case, it copies it.

The next three lines offer information to Linux so that it knows in which the binary exe is, and which icon it should apply for the shortcut.

Automatically, you can’t replicate files or perhaps icons to Ubuntu’s DON Shell computer system. To make this kind of possible you’ll want to use DON Tweaks to switch a setting up. Use this get to install that.

This determines to Apache what it is you’re here clicking on at the time you double-click that.

Working LibreOffice Writer desktop shortcut.

Roll-out Files, and click on “Other locations” inside the left-hand lite. Then work to Laptop > usr > write about > applications.

To make certain curious about found the. desktop document of the program you’re looking for, right-click the icon and select houses. You should visit a line suggesting this is a desktop construction file. Close the houses dialog.

This our comprehensive. desktop document:

Click the “Trust and launch” button, and two things may happen.

Save the file in to the application index, making sure excellent “. desktop” file file format. Our case in point file is named “Geocoder. personal pc. ”

The next four lines describe the application form.

The personal pc icon is going to take on the true overall look, and the program will be released.

The Tweaks icon in Ubuntu 18.04

This can be a icon in Ubuntu 18. 04. The icon looks different in Ubuntu nineteen. 10. The moment Tweaks contains launched, check out on “Desktop” in the left-hand pane. Click on the “Show icons” slider option to allow computer system icons. You may choose if you wish to experience shortcuts on your home service, the junk can, network servers, and mounted volumes of prints shown relating to the desktop.

Untrusted Launcher warning dialog

LibreOffice can be bought for all users, so we will launch Data and surf to the /usr/share/applications directory. You’ll need to demand appropriate service for the applying you’re looking for.

For the reason that this program will most likely be used by an individual user, we are going to copy the. desktop data file to his local applications directory. Inside the program service, use this receive:

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