Ways to Backup Your Data to a Virtual Hard Drive in Windows 7

Right-click the Unallocated area and select New Simple Volume.

Now you can go through and select the files and folders you want to backup. In this example wee only backing up a couple of documents, well under the 2GB size of the VHD. Uncheck Include a system image of pushes before ongoing on, as you may shoulde already created 1.

Speaking of VHDs, if you want to turn a physical drive into a VM, check out our article on Disk2vhd.


Select the VHD we all just createdt might claim there isn enough space, although we will be choosing specific data files to be saved that will match the TWO GB VHD.


Right-click about Computer and choose Manage then when the Computer Control screen unwraps under Safe-keeping highlight Storage Management afterward click on Actions Build VHD.

When ever youe completed, you will see the newest VHD stated under Hard disks in Computer system. Now you can apply it as you would definitely any travel, and we will backup to it.

Build a Virtual Harddisk (VHD)

The first thing we must do is certainly create a VHD. In this article you’re concentrating on ways to backup your details to a VHD, wel in brief cover ways to create an individual, but ensure that and check out each of our full article on how to build a VHD in Windows 7.




When you have everything picked, review your back up settings and click Preserve settings and run back up .




After the backup is finished you can go into your VHD and check out the files youe backed up.

Click on Set up backup /p>


You can simply move files to it, or perhaps set that for back up with Windows Backup and Restore or perhaps the backup software of your inclination. Here wel use Windows 7 Back up and Get back. Type back up and get back into the Search field in the Start off Menu and hit Go into.


The chance to use VHDs is just some other tool set for your back up strategy. The other neat thing is that you simply can backup the VHD file to other spots. For instance a network share, exterior HD, thumb drive, utilization in a VMtc. You definitely shouldn use this or if you only back up strategy in any respect, there are a lot of better backup strategies out there, yet it geeky, cool, and sometimes can be useful.

The brand new Simple Quantity Wizard brings and you can select to file format the volume and provide it a label and follow through the wizard.


In this example wee creating a 2GB VHD, but you can make it whatever size you think youl need for your data.

Here is where youl want to select Let me choose/em>


Possessing a solid backup plan is a must if you have essential data on your PC that you don want to reduce. Today we take a look at an exclusive way of using a virtual hard disk drive in Windows 7 to back up some documents.

The backup kicks off and youl get a progress bar while it takes place.

You can schedule the backup to run on a regular routine if you want.

Select a location in your machine where you want the VHD to live as well as its size. You can created it on your regional drive, or in this case in point we positioned it on an attached external drive. Decide if you want it to become Dynamically growing or a Fixed size. Then You will see the virtual drive listed since Unknown unallocated space. Right-click the remaining box and Initialize Hard drive .




Then you can simply drag the files out from the VHD or double-click within the Windows Backup and Regain icon to bring back them.

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