Ways to Delete The Firefox Bill

Mozilla Firefox works with a Firefox bill to synchronize your accounts, bookmarks, and also other browsing info between units. If you’re forcing Firefox lurking behind, you may want to erase your account to clear out all your personal data out of Firefox’s hosts.

Click on the “Manage Account” link at the Sync alternatives page. You happen to be taken to the account control page in Firefox’s webpage.

Go into your Chrome account username and password again and click the “Delete Account” option. Your account will probably be erased.

Warning : This will erase any Chrome browser info saved over the internet. Any info stored in the Firefox web browser on your computer can still exist, however-it just refuse to sync to your other products.

If you’re continue to signed into the account from within Firefox, click the menu switch and then simply click your account brand at the bottom of Firefox’s menu.

To delete your Opera Sync bank account without using Opera, head to the Firefox Bank account Sign-in web page. Sign in together with the email address and password you used for your Firefox bank account.

Enter your Firefox bank account password and click the “Delete account” switch. Your account will be erased. If you want to create a new Opera Sync bank account, you can.

Click the “Delete” switch to the correct of Delete Account at the end of the web page.

Scroll down and click the “Delete” switch to the correct of the Delete Account.

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