LinkedIn showing someone viewed your profile

Ways to Stop LinkedIn From Showing Someone You Viewed Their particular Profile

To find this option, head to the LinkedIn site, click your profile icon on the top tavern, and select “Settings & Privacy. ”

LinkedIn showing someone viewed your profile

LinkedIn profile viewing privacy options

Click “How others see your profile and network information” below Privacy. Click “Profile looking at options. ”

It may seem ridiculous to prefer anonymity on a social network, yet other social support systems don’t function this way. Facebook and Tweets don’t send someone a notification if you view their particular profile.

LinkedIn often tells people when you view their particular profiles and shows them your name. That person may even get an email or alert saying you viewed their profile. Here’s how you can browse independently without LinkedIn sharing this information.

Opening LinkedIn settings

Since LinkedIn warns you about this settings page, there just one single downside: At the time you become confidential to other folks, they become confidential to you. LinkedIn will cover the names of folks that view the profile a person after you permit this invisiblity option.

Choose how you really want to appear. You may select “Anonymous LinkedIn Member” for perfect private surfing or choose your individual profile attributes, which may appear mainly because just “Someone on LinkedIn” or a thing more specific.

Persons will even now see that an individual viewed all their profile as soon as you view all their profile-but they are going to see simply that an confidential person looked at it.

Option to stop LinkedIn from sharing your name with someone when you view their profile

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