What is the Best Office App with my i phone or i-pod touch?

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Need what each of the major Office apps with iPhone and iPod Touch deliver without totally wasting money getting them all? Here each of our definitive tips for the best iOS Office software, so you can uncover before you pay for.


The default Submit app functions quite great for email away from home. It provides full Exchange ActiveSync support, so you should have the ability to access all your personal and business email accounts via anywhere. The only is actually, the i phone Mail software only allows you to create bare text messages. If you need to give full CODE emails, you can test out MarkdownMail. This kind of app allows you to create abundantly formatted CODE emails on your own iPhone applying Markdown format.

Here an evaluation of each app features:

OneNote isn on iOS, nevertheless there is a wonderful alternative software, MobileNoter that brings the majority OneNote features to OneNote. You are able to sync the existing OneNote notebooks out of your PC and edit all of them on the go, or perhaps add new tips and synchronize them internet wherever you are.

Following some first disappointments with Office2, i was excited to notice that both Quickoffice and Papers To Go present great Office support about iOS. Editing rich documents is never perfectly easy on a small screen, but with an Office app, youl find you can do more business on the go than you ever found possible. Plus, in many cases, viewing a document and making changes later is a great option. What your favorite Office app, and how do you use Office tools on the go? Share your thoughts in the comments.

So , in the end it comes down to what features you need. Need PowerPoint and online document support? Get Documents To Go Premium. Only need to edit documents locally on your device? Quickoffice Mobile Suite is a superb option for you that not so expensive. You can go wrong with either of them apps, and so pick the the one that suites your finances and feature want best. In our judgment, Quickoffice Mobile phone Suite could be the best choice for the majority of consumers.

The toughest part can be deciding which in turn app is a good for your needs. Documents Going did support the most advanced Phrase document features, and was the the majority of stable general. Sadly, though, it also the priciest. Quickoffice is a close second, and actually appreciated the web software for interacting with your i phone documents out of your computer. Office2 was poor enough that we are unable to recommend it for normal Office document usage, but both Documents To Go and Quickoffice were both good enough to easily recommend for normal usage.

You can also easily view your online documents in Safari, as both Office Web Apps and Google Docs let you view your files with a mobile browser. Unfortunately, though, you cannot edit documents in either on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Would we miss an Office app for the purpose of iOS that you just love, or perhaps overlook an attribute you need? Let us know inside the comments, of course, if it anything we can test out, wel tell you! There no motive to spend 50 dollars on programs just to locate the perfect Office app to meet your needs, so really is endless this details helps you choose a choice and get the most akang for your software bucks.

Microsoft Office today isn simply for documents, spreadsheets, and sales pitches, though. Outlook and OneNote also are popular Office apps that lots of don wish to give up, and so let take a look at some choices for these.

First, though, youl need to decide if you actually need an office app. If you for the most part use the iPhone or perhaps iPod Touch for private use, you might not need to observe or change documents and spreadsheets. If you at times need to observe documents and give positive feedback without croping and editing the data files, iOS constructed in document viewers works great with regards to looking at docs in email attachments and online. Just water filters on a doc or record in an email, and youl see a critique that makes documents practically perfectly. Rich docs may not screen fully, but it really should be close enough to work.

Consequently viewing docs isn problems, but if you want anything greater than this, youe have to an Office app. Let look in to see what offered.

Office2 fared the most detrimental in our test. This app is usually popular because it only costs $5. 99, however it struggled to render files and spreadsheets in our assessments. Worse still, it lost any formatting it couldn support after saving edited files. Around the bright side, it supports a multitude of online files storage solutions and runs faster than competing apps.

Documents To look is the most expensive Office app we examined at $16. 99, yet it’s also constantly one of the most popular in the App Store. This app contains the best interface for editing documents, as well as includes support for looking at advanced record components such as sidebars and images in files. It lets you edit formatting more than any of the other apps and required fewer taps to complete the same tasks.

iOS products work ideal for viewing a number of documents without any extra software program, but if you would like to create fresh documents or perhaps edit and promote existing kinds, youl want an Office app. There several popular Office apps inside the App Store, now wee gonna look at the features each software offers, compare and contrast how they every single render docs, and help displayed which one is the foremost fit to meet your needs and funds.


The business enterprise and Output sections of the App Store list numerous programs to help you change Office docs, spreadsheets, and even more. Simply from the explanations, it be hard to know how each 1 works. To solve this issue, wee tested 3 of the very most popular Office apps recently: Documents to look, Quickoffice, and Office2. Wel take a quick look at each one features here, but you can click their particular links to see the whole review.

We especially liked the innovative internet interface that lets you browse and add documents to your iOS gadget from any nearby networked computer. And if you don need to access your documents from on the web storage providers directly, you could get Quickoffice Cellular Suite for just $4. 99. While using the advanced doc support and cheaper selling price, Quickoffice is a wonderful option.

Docs To Go also contains some completely unique features just like searching of most of your over the internet document options and standard PowerPoint editing and enhancing. The PowerPoint editing and enhancing and creation options had been very limited, despite the fact, so this an individual feature isn worth getting the iphone app. Should you don will need PowerPoint editing and enhancing and over the internet document support, you can get Docs To Go Normal for just $9. 99, which will isn an awful choice whenever you edit abundant documents directly on your system.


Quickoffice Mobile Connect suite is usually priced in the middle at $9. 99, and it offers a lot of bang for your buck. It may edit advanced documents pretty good, after which saves formatting that it doesn support so that your document can still seem the same backside on your PC. You can easily access all of your documents from Dropbox, Google Docs, and more, in that case edit and save them online. Quickoffice spreadsheets struggled with. XLSX formatted spreadsheets, even though, but or else handled modern rich Office files easily.

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